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1065 Flux Capacitator (2018-09-02)

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0:00:00JCD: “If it is the competition, it’s always a good thing to take it out.” (0:50:54)
0:00:34“Dueling funerals” with Aretha Franklin celebrities and John McCain lift malfunction; Martha MacCallum notes Louis Farrakhan cropped out of photos, Kylie Patterson: “this is her funeral, it’s her choice who she wants there”, JCD: “she’s dead!”, Ariana Grande slut shaming over boob grab by Bishop Charles H. Ellis, Marie Harf: “she coulda gotten something a little longer with some sequins”; Obama absent in spite of Franklin’s 2008 inauguration performance
0:13:36Michael Eric Dyson buttslams Obama: “that’s why some black folk ain’t here today, they sendin’ letters, they don’t wanna get up in this blackness!”, Trump Rotation “dopey doppelgänger of deceit and deviance”; no glowing military eulogies for McCain; Alisyn Camerota scolds John Sununu for media skepticism: “I don’t appreciate you denigrating our reporting”, “it’s not hypothetical, this is our reporting”, Sununu: “you appear to be here to talk about something you can exploit, and I find that rather unpleasant”, Camerota “this is a truism”
0:27:58WaPo “Rest in Peace, Lindsey Graham”; cryptic “who I didn’t vote for” to Dana Bash
0:32:49Rep. Jim Jordan on Rachel Maddow’s concern for Bruce Orr and DoJ’s ability to fight new meme “Russian money laundering through American real estate”, JCD’s James Comey HSBC theory and list of real estate money laundering techniques, HSBC’s $81M for Clinton Foundation, Yakuza golf club membership shakedowns, mobbed-up Rudy Giuliani
0:51:41ACC eyeing Seymour Hersh’s 9/11 statements; Comey & Obama banking vs Trump real estate
0:56:28Producer Segment
1:02:14Austin dockless mobility policy encouraging motorized vehicles on sidewalks, 20 GOAT scooters on list, ACC commits to vandalism of QR codes; MAD Greens lunch with Sir Gene, JCD: “gets you used to prison”, understaffed with homeless people outside, UT mascot “Bevo”
1:13:55Nigel Farage on prospect of running for Mayor of London: “I will certainly think about it”
1:15:28Samuel Patten pleads guilty to lobbying as unregistered foreign agent, JCD: “yawn”, ACC on anonymous GoFundMe payoffs for Strzok and McCabe; Google-Mastercard data-sharing deal
1:26:47Trump calls Koch Brothers network “highly overrated”, upcoming $300-400M election spend
1:28:39Social justice boycott of In-N-Out Burger over donation to Republican Party
1:30:29Reporter: Boston skydiving plane crash caused by “defective flux capacitator” (CotD)
1:31:50NPR article finds majority of 240 2015-2016 school shootings never happened and confirms 11
1:34:56Rush Limbaugh debunks Fairness Doctrine, JCD list of equal-time rule exemptions
1:45:18MSNBC-like NPR’s Norm Eisen on Trump’s “brutal violation of norms”, “toxic sludge of corruption”; H.R.6691 to redefine “crime of violence” to include fleeing police and not obeying flight attendants; Norm Ornstein on violation of “norm” by encouraging “lock her up” chants
1:54:51EU set to ban Daylight Saving Time, Juncker’s “summer time should be year-round”
1:56:39Dogs Are People Too: producer note on dating app “dog moms”; homebuyers catering to pets
1:59:59Donation Segment: ACC heading to Italy and Large Hadron Collider;
2:27:02Cannabis edibles landing Canadians in emergency room, JCD explains “how to ingest these things properly so they don’t get sick, or too wasted to be able to find the Rihanna tracks”
2:33:56Justin Trudeau blathers about NAFTA renegotiation; producer notes paralleling US & Venezuela, JCD on hyperinflation predictions in quantitative easing era; fascism vs US cultural DNA, German enclaves in Texas and Bay Area; California passes net neutrality and bans cash bail
2:44:35Michael Palin on North Korea striving to distinguish itself in tourism industry
2:48:21Tesla owner Greg Furstenwerth on the woes of owning an out-of-warranty vehicle