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1066 Hunger Stones (2018-09-06)

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0:00:00ACC: “ba-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-ba, ha-di-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-ba, bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-bi-ba!” (0:55:29)
0:00:34Foamer goat scream and trains on RFD-TV
0:02:08Commotion at Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing courtesy of Kamala Harris and friends’s “Mister Chairman!” fake indignation at document dump; idiot Harris: “the American public will be paying very close attention to your testimony”, Lindsey Graham grows testicles: “this is shaping up to be the hypocrisy hearing”, strange signal from John Kelly at McCain funeral, “if you wanna pick judges … then you better win an election”, JCD: “once his dad died…”, ACC rueful over treatment of Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Dianne Feinstein calls for “multi-economic” court; John Kasich: “it’s like 24 hours since John McCain was put to death” (CotD)
0:17:17NPR “we know President Trump promised to name someone to the court who would overturn Roe v. Wade” lie, JCD: “they would play the clip”, Trump at final debate: “if they overturned it, it’ll go back to the states”; Sen. Mike Lee gives history of Supreme Court confirmation hearings back to 1916; history podcast on Justice John Marshall vs SJW Thomas Jefferson; “if you vote yes on Kavanaugh, you’re voting to kill me” ad against Sen. Susan Collins
0:35:53ACC on peculiar “I don’t know who you are” reaction to celebrities; Alex Jones butts in on Marco Rubio interview: “the Democrats are doing what you said China does”, “Marco Rubio the snake, little frat boy here”; Cassandra Fairbanks catches Jones “bath house” comment
0:44:00Laura Loomer interrupts Senate foreign influence on social media hearing: “Jack Dorsey is trying to influence the election!”, professional auctioneer Sen. Billy Long; Google a no-show; Sheryl Sandberg’s awful nose job, social media “enables you to share what you want to share when you want to share it without asking permission from anyone”, “enables people to celebrate their birthdays”, ACC: “whoo, yeah!!”, “safety check!”; Jack Dorsey “public square”, cryptic “we see that news and entertainment are actually byproducts of public conversation”
1:04:40Sandberg on collaborating with new FBI taskforce, “our opponents are very well funded”, on the lookout for “coordinated inauthentic behavior” where “people are not representing themselves to be who they are to be”, “hate is not permitted” according to community standards; Dorsey on implicit incentivization of users; ACC on Twitter precursor Odeo based on RSS
1:18:06Producer Segment
1:32:14JCD teases next show’s interviews with Dane Jasper and Scott Adams
1:37:10Sexual Harassment Update: CBC on potential comebacks for Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose; Les Moonves’ $180M severance package with “clawback” clause; Megyn Kelly throws NBC under the bus for blocking suppressing Weinstein story, “a lot to unpack” dramatic sigh
1:50:54New York Times blames global warming for Roger Federer’s US Open loss; Elementary FEMA flood maps, JCD: “the first person you see is the murderer”; Czech Republic “Hunger Stones”
1:56:35Bob Woodward’s new book Fear and well-timed NYT op-ed by White House “resistance”; JCD on Scott Adams’ idiot bosses, ACC’s “illiterate” friend Michel, “lodestar” McCain and Woodward’s military background; ACC theory: “adults in the room” message from John Kelly
2:17:35Donation Segment: TPO Podcast wins award
2:33:00CBSN on Trump minions doing Rotation name-calling; John Kerry desperately plugging new book, “Agent Orange”, idiotic “can’t even go to the funeral of a war hero” comment
2:40:35Chuck Todd The Atlantic assertion “serious journalists correct the record” vs orgy of lies and deflection in 2016 interview with Paul Wolfowitz; Jon Stewart grills New York Times’ Judith Miller over propagating administration WMD lies, “I think the story got cut for space” bullshit