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1092 Pros from Dover (2018-12-06)

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0:00:00ACC: “My mind is exploding right now!” (0:05:34)
0:00:36George H.W. Bush compared with John McCain; Democracy Now explores “vast domestic propaganda campaign” for first Iraq War with babies thrown out of incubators testimony from Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ, coaching by Hill+Knowlton, Second Front author John MacArthur on attempt to Hitlerize Saddam Hussein, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch duped, Bush seen as “paragon of WASP respectability”; Steve Pieczenik on Bush disliked by Cheney & Rumsfeld, “trust me, he is not weak and he is quite ruthless”
0:14:25Berkeley hummer Maureen Dowd on Bush’s foreign affairs preoccupation, dropped first-person pronouns vs Trump’s “narcissistic I”; Judy Woodruff: NAFTA “rejected by Trump” vs Brian Mulroney eulogy with agreement “modernized and improved by new administrations” (CotD)
0:23:29Foamer Alert: Union Pacific 4141 locomotive to carry Bush on final trip to College Station
0:26:10Tumblr bans adult content after Apple app store ban; Tim Cook accepting award from Anti-Defamation League: “this mandate moves us to speak up for immigrants” like cheap H-1B workers, message to haters: “you have no place on our platforms!”, ACC notes intact Fuck the Police on iTunes, no place for “violent conspiracy theorists”, deus ex machina and “the God part … is going to have to come from all of us”, JCD on Apple’s hubris as maker of “doodads”
0:43:42Mark Zuckerberg “buttslammed” by UK Parliament with release of documents revealing anticompetitive “growth hacking” practices and sneaky Android shenanigans, JCD: Sheryl Sandberg “a very cunning runt”; PBS NewsHour on Facebook’s special deals with advertisers
0:49:14Trump digital media director Brad Parscale to Frontline on “shock and awe” strategy, idiot interviewer obsessed with algorithm gaming, JCD: Frontline journalists “pros from Dover”, Parscale’s small-scale ad in “Eastern Washington on a Local DMA” amplified by sharing, proliferation of poorly-identified M5M opinion pieces “to make money”, Facebook’s new ad policy “kind of like a gift”, staff-only Cambridge Analytica deal, Internet Research Agency’s budget of $6,000, “I was spending per half second”, Facebook’s “marketing vs ethics” conflict
1:13:41Producer Segment: JCD’s call to Michael Savage
1:34:07France scraps fuel tax hike, ACC D-notice theory, yellow jacket “color revolution”; NPR takes care to call global warming “climate concerns”, “it’s all part of greening the economy … with which most people would agree”; JCD proposes mandatory yellow vests in US
1:43:08NBC botch: lead in case of missing Carla Stefaniak in Costa Rica from “island authorities”
1:45:12Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation: ignorant millennials prefer communism
1:49:02Israel, Cyprus, and Greece to work on East Med gas pipeline to Europe; Denmark to exile unwanted migrants to Anthrax Lindholm Island; win for anti-immigration VOX party in Spain
1:59:06US embassy in Democratic Republic of the Congo closed due to alleged threat from ISIS
2:01:11’Ndrangheta mafia suspects rounded up across Europe; Emile Ratelband’s age change rejected
2:04:57Donation Segment: upcoming Des Moines meetup with ACC
2:16:32JCD vindicated by Paul Hogan’s “shrimp on the barbie”; Australia outlawing encryption
2:20:15Donna Brazile on Michael Cohen “smoking gun”; Lindsey Graham’s MBS “smoking saw”, assertion that Saudi royal family was uninvolved in 9/11, JCD predicts assassination
2:25:512015 report on parents banned from lunch rooms because of school shootings; after-school Upsidedown activity for transgender twelve-year-olds; Mic disbanded to stymie unionization
2:32:52Mark Levin and Glenn Beck operations merging; smokin’ hot Lisa Boothe; CBS throws Les Moonves under the bus for sexual misconduct including having staff “on call” for oral sex