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1101 Tippie-Top (2019-01-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “You sound like a Lebanese merchant!” (2:36:16)
0:00:32Folsom Prison Zephyr Blues; State Department travel advisories for China and Italy
0:04:17Trump’s Rose Garden press conference with April Ryan, emergency powers to build border wall, oil price drop “didn’t happen by luck, it happened through talent”; CNN’s Brianna Keilar outraged over Trump’s questionless press briefing: “this is a stunt, I mean this isn’t a briefing … a briefing is questions!”, JCD: “it’s the definition of a briefing!
0:16:54“Journalist” Rep. Cheri Bustos on need for “give and take” for immigration deal, border wall as symbol, Schumer’s $1.3bn for border security, “trillion-dollar infrastructure package” goal
0:21:56Democracy Now on furloughed federal workers who “won’t be paid”, Rep. Judy Chu’s Shut Down Trump’s Child Prison Camps Act, Obama’s empty transparency promise revisited, ecstasy over “greater diversity!”, “religious headgear on the floor”; Rep. John Sarbanes’ H.R.1 The For the People Act making it easier for non-citizens to vote illegally
0:32:55Sally Kohn “respectfully disagrees” with Feinstein, Joe Biden a “centrist corporate Democrat”
0:37:31Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Anderson Cooper: “people are gonna have to start paying their fair share in taxes”, “tippie-top” of progressive tax system, Lincoln and FDR “radicals”
0:44:19The Twilight Zone in 1961 predicting climate change from altered orbit; Al Gore’s 1988 ozone layer fearmongering, concludes from rate of rain forest loss “by the year 2010 it’ll all be gone”
0:51:19Rep. Rashida Tlaib exemplifies liberal profanity theory with “we’re gonna impeach the motherfucker”; Democracy Now on Pelosi’s reelection, denture-mouthed “thank you for your courage”
0:56:53Amy Goodman flub: Google’s Bermuda tax haven saving “billions of dollars in revenue”
0:58:54US soldiers in Gabon in case of violence in Democratic Republic of Congo
1:01:57Producer Segment: Gimlet Media’s new 28,000 square foot production facility
1:17:32Hollywood activist stylist Karla Welch, uptalking fashion blogger Jessica Morgan: Trump’s election prompting young people to say “look, I’m not willing to just be quiet?”; Don Lemon scolds Hart over “life or death” matter of “homophobia in the black community”, “Ellen doesn’t speak for the whole community”, “I’m a black gay man, I don’t know what it’s like to be a white lesbian”, ACC: “what kind of a community is that??”; ACC: Louis C.K. no longer funny, JCD on unfunny old Bennett Cerf books and Legman’s Rationale of the Dirty Joke
1:38:142009 clips: Taylor Swift “it’s getting a little noodly” and Dick Powell “jobs, jobs!”
1:41:19Brexit propaganda film about to be released, Mastodon’s omission of Twitter’s toxic retweet with comment feature, Comic Strip Blogger ACC’s handler; Vote Leave director Dominic Cummings on psychological manipulations used to promote Brexit, benefit of machine learning on large survey samples, budget dump on final days, murder of MP Jo Cox
2:02:39JCD report on Berkeley “flash meetup”, ACC the ALA poster boy, agile software development
2:08:28Donation Segment
2:15:28Tlaxiaco Mexico Mayor Alejandro Aparicio shot and killed just after being sworn in; data breach for German politicians; Dark Overlord holding 18,000 9/11 documents for ransom
2:19:51Spot the Spook: American Paul Whelan who “just loves traveling” with four passports
2:23:14No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: H1N1 disproportionately affecting young people in Canada
2:26:37JCD on IBM PC memory with parity chips; 2014 clip of clueless CenturyLink responding to 911 outage “great question”, JCD on two-year computer lifecycle in the 1980s
2:35:1650,000 French yellow vests protestors still out in force; Amy Goodman “unilarrty” iso
2:38:43Health Canada draft food guide conflates dairy and “proteins”