Call Clooney!

1140 Imperious (2019-05-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “Hey, hi, I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be officiating the wedding.” (0:12:48)
0:00:34Netherlands wins Eurovision Song Contest, off-key Madonna magically fixed for YouTube
0:05:45ACC’s “wedding of the decade”: JCD “careening down the hill” arrives late for out-of-state meet and greet and turns on ESPN, officiant Sir Gene called away due to family emergency, Dvorak-Horowitz salad dressing shortage, curtain-blowing bass from deaf DJ; honeymoon in Northern Ireland, Portugal, and London; douchebag Dutch tabloid wife comparisons
0:21:25Wedding guests ducking out for Game of Thrones finale; Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gripe about being deprived of “women running the world” (CotD); Dave Winer on Thrones as a series that “fucks with you” like Trump’s shenanigans
0:30:01M5M oblivious to potential impact of Huawei ban in Executive Order 13873; Rosalyn Leighton on Huawei stealing trade secrets from T-Mobile; ABC “anything but China” corporate strategy; DHS warning about data-stealing Chinese drones
0:38:49JCD’s Mooch & Stoll interviews well-received by producers
0:40:19Insulting Euronews animated video with Mac-PC ad music on “more democratic” Spitzenkandidat European Council election system; mystery of Nigel Farage’s continuing MEP status
0:48:55Chuck Todd podcast: “whole point” of Electoral College is to prevent Trump’s election, JCD: “it kept the imperious … Hillary Clinton from becoming president based on the popular vote”
0:52:31Bug-eyed CBS reporter on Michael Avenatti’s indictment for stealing “thwee hundred thousand dollars” from Stormy Daniels; compilation of M5M fawning over “folk hero” Avenatti; “all of my sexual fantasies involve handcuffs” The View iso
0:59:22Producer Segment: farewell to Grumpy Cat & Doris Day; ACC’s wedding vow “that’s true!
1:29:35Hysterical Laura Loomer gripes to Alex Jones about being deplatformed, ACC: “consider webcam work”; ACC: Gab’s Brave browser fork Dissenter a “fantastic product”, fork of Keybase identity database in the works; Google purchases harvested from e-mail receipts
1:42:16T-Mobile promises massive rural 5G rollout after Sprint acquisition, 5G vs smart meters, mid-band frequencies redacted, ACC: prioritization system “the opposite of net neutrality”; JCD’s HomePlug setup; JCD tries to recycle Joe diGenova “brazen plot” clip
1:56:27Sheryl Sandberg to CNBC on the backfiring #MeToo movement motivating male managers to avoid female coworkers altogether; ACC’s Kleiner Perkins “shark” receptionist story
2:04:13Abortion laws vs “vaccine police”; Robert Kennedy Jr. on post-1989 jump in chronic disease incidence; Baxter International’s H5N1-contaminated vaccine from 2009; Adam Schiff lobbying big tech to censor vaccine skepticism, quasi-military CDC rapidly deploying “biologics” exempt from safety testing, MMR tested on 800 children “worse, according to its own records, than the illness that it is pretending to prevent”, $25bn per year spent on advertising; BRCA double mastectomy false positive “oops”; Kennedy on pharma royalty payments for HHS employees
2:27:35Donation Segment: Kabbalistic חַי‎ chai 18 numerology
2:52:31Pete Buttigieg: renaming Jefferson-Jackson dinners “the right thing to do”
2:54:00Democracy Now on OPCW questioning narrative of 2018 chemical attack in Douma Syria
2:57:24CNN on African swine fever epidemic in China, ACC: “replace pork with bugs!”
3:00:33Ben Carson grilled by “yes or no!” Rep. Ayanna Pressley
3:02:28NASA ARTEMIS program pushing for first woman on the Moon
3:06:57Rep. Al Green to Democracy Now on Trump’s “impeachable offenses”
3:10:06The Guardian style guide replacing “global warming” with “climate emergency”