Call Clooney!

1152 Veergayin (2019-07-04)

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0:00:00ACC: “Mmhmm, oh yeah, mmhmm, yeah, right on.” JCD: “Blub blub bloop.” (2:10:49)
0:00:33TtK working on Independence Day, JCD: “kick the kids out”
0:01:26Shitstorm over Nike pulling 13-star flag shoe over alleged connection to slavery after alleged complaint from Colin Kaepernick, CBS “thank you for bringing us both sides” iso; Fox Business unimpressed by Nike wimps; JCD: “this was a publicity stunt”; producer note on “malcontent” Kaepernick boycotting anthem from the bench, kneeling inspired by Harry Edwards and Nate Boyer; lawyer Mark Geragos and Michael Avenatti extortion scheme, ACC: “this is Al Sharpton 2.0”; JCD on American flag exposure causing shift to Republican worldview; WSJ “according to people familiar with the matter”, odd “Mr. Kaepernick declines to comment”
0:33:45Gab unveils its Mastodon fork to SJW cries of derision
0:36:03Spitzenkandidat system for EU leadership nominations cast aside in favor of “gender balance” because “after all, Europe is a woman”; MEP Ann Widdecombe channels Monty Python female character comparing EU to a slave owner, “nous allons, wir gehen, we’re off!”; EU mandating non-theremin noises from electric vehicles; Nigel Farage explains why Brexit Party turned its back on “national” anthem Ode to Joy, JCD: “maybe he should’ve taken a knee”
0:48:52ACC torn between US and Dutch Women’s Workd Cup contenders, JCD: “pretty soon men identifying as women will become the USA national women’s team”
0:54:19Kamala Harris walks back her raised hand for abolition of private insurance: “the question was, would you be willing to give up your private insurance” lie vs “raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants”, ageist reference to seniors with hearing aids; Amy Goodman interjects “so the tweet said!” for Donald Trump Jr. ’s retweet about Harris’ Jamaican heritage, Biden & Castro screaming birtherism; Howard University Prof. Greg Carr scolds radio caller for calling into question Harris’ bona fides: “this is the kind of weaponized ignorance that ADOS, this hashtag, is promoting” (CotD)
1:09:16Producer Segment: the Hollandse Nieuwe tradition
1:29:54ACC’s wedding photos for Newsletter; JCD seeking voice talent for Burns Mantle radio plays
1:37:28New Tom Steyer video of fake Mueller Report movie auditions from D-list actors; Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell to Sebastian Gorka on State Department’s John Hackett admitting under oath that he warned about the destruction of Hillary’s e-mails
1:46:50Ask Adam: New York, Illinois, and California at the top of the segregated schools list
1:55:40Trump accidentally tells the truth: “so we shot down an unmanned drone”, Rumsfeld’s “shot down the plane over Pennsylvania” revisited
2:01:11CBS’ Major Garrett yells about preparations for Trump’s July 4 “military pageantry”; TDS victim Joy Reid hypothesizes that for Trump’s Bastille Day-like military showcase “the threat is to his fellow Americans” because “he loves tyrants”; Rep. Frederica Wilson’s screeches her plan for people “making fun” of members of Congress on social media: “we’re gonna shut them down and work with whoever it is to shut them down, and they should be prosecuted”
2:14:52Donation Segment: ACC all-in on Schitt’s Creek; 6.4 magnitude earthquake in California
2:35:21Babies thrown out of incubators testimony from Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter revisited; CBS This Morning laments “children in cages” drawings; “troublemaker” Mimi at latest protest
2:44:21Fareed Zakaria appalled that asylum crisis might result in another four years of Trump
2:53:292015 CNN clip on multitude of ISIS July 4 terror plots, JCD: “Trump changed the narrative”
2:56:27Synthetic meat mimicking “the bleed” of the real thing, health “really a great question”