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1225 Toilet Preppers (2020-03-15)

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0:00:00ACC: “Clean out your bong water, people.” (1:37:35)
0:00:33Toilet paper hoarding precipitated by Trump’s Wednesday address, JCD’s Costco traffic jam, fractal of 1973 run on toilet paper, Stephen Colbert propagates Procter & Gamble shortage meme; Tourette’s sufferer Steve Mnuchin on travel spending vs supply spending, China back in business; Curry family reports from Europe, ACC: “buying anything, buying the shelf!”
0:10:45Trump’s teleprompter-less Rose Garden address with retail CEOs; Lawrence O’Donnell: “more people are dead and dying in America tonight because Donald Trump is president!”; Dr. Deborah Birx contrasts testing expansion with AIDS in the 1980s, Google engineers working on screening site; Trump’s “racism” toward Yamiche Alcindor; Europe impressed with all-American drive-through testing; Trump: “some of the doctors say it will wash through” in weeks; Time noting unusual flu season in January, CDC’s count of 22-55k deaths, ACC theory: “this thing has already washed through us” starting in Ohio; Israeli proximity warning app
0:30:57Dr. Drew Pinsky contrasts 18k flu deaths with 100 from COVID-19, media ignoring WHO mortality rate caveat, “concerted effort” to induce panic; CBC The National and PBS NewsHour devoted entirely to pandemic, hysteria over 193 cases in Canada; UK police given Lisbon Treaty power to arrest the sick; Justin Trudeau working from isolation, globalist shill: “a border is not going to contain the virus”, ACC: “yes it will!”; media fine with Trudeau not getting tested, Trump’s 25th Amendment reason to avoid it; Canadian government shutting down, Dr. Drew cites Dunning-Kruger effect: “people that are real experts feel like imposters”; Canadians panic buying toilet paper; pork, Beyond Meat, and Dasani left on the shelves
0:48:20Bogus Italy “lockdown” expanded to require travel affidavits, “wartime situation” with ventilator shortages, JCD: “it’s a death panel!”; Florence “Hug a Chinese Day” and CNN wailing about racist “Chinese coronavirus”; SARS expert Zhong Nanshan predicting end of outbreak in April; closet socialist Bill de Blasio to Joy Reid: “this is a case for a nationalization”
0:59:08Producer note on Chinese spies at Johns Hopkins; JHU panelist: “this is a coordinated effort to sow discord and division when we need it the most…”; National Guard “containment area” in New Rochelle, first New York death an 83-year-old woman, new term “Boomer remover”
1:08:22Pelosi “epidemiological” fail, “testing, testing, testing”; Joe Biden’s farce of a virtual town hall with screaming baby on VOX, “but even I can’t do that for another two year, another year, between now and November — or actually January — but it’d be covered”
1:14:44Producer Segment: toilet paper hoarders “toilet preppers”
1:45:44ACC recommends Netflix Cheer cheerleading documentary; Pete Buttigieg guest-hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live in front of ten-person audience, JCD on Marco Rubio’s show business background
2:00:17Lame NRA video celebrates “AR-14” shouting match with Joe Biden; Champaign Illinois mayor’s emergency power to ban firearms and alcohol (CotD); former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum found intoxicated at Miami hotel with male escort suffering meth overdose
2:07:08Heavily-scripted The View promotes Hillary as Biden VP pick; JCD recommends 1917
2:15:06African locust plague reports from ITV and CNN blaming global warming, chuckling expert pontificates “the link to climate change is clear”
2:24:48Donation Segment: “Black Dame” vs “Dame Plus”
2:41:07Ursula von der Leyen announces €250bn “Green Deal” with “sustainable new growth model” for 2050; Frans Timmermans on 2030 targets left completely unspecified to get law passed
2:50:34JCD compares still-MIA Corey Feldman documentary with Moller Skycar; Hillary isos