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1244 Gain of Function (2020-05-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “Where the beaches are open!” Both: “Woohoo!” (1:54:33)
0:00:40ACC’s social distancing visitors, Fixe maître d’ points out impact on 12-step meetings
0:04:37Joe Rogan announces his “crossing over” to new Spotify licensing deal; ACC on Rogan’s constant battle with YouTube censorship and attractiveness of royalty-free content, Alex Jones deplatforming as opening salvo, Rogan vs Howard Stern; No Agenda downloads before and after ACC’s Joe Rogan Experience spot; Australian Broadcasting Corporation “shut the fuck up … don’t start a podcast” PSA; JCD on Jen Briney’s habit of attending various “Podcast Fests”, legal issues of advertising by religious organizations
0:24:00Media shitstorm over Trump’s casual admission he is taking hydroxychloroquine: “I was just waiting to see your eyes light up when I said this”; “Fox Pharma” Neil Cavuto reads a prepared seven-minute rant with final talking point “this will kill you!”; Kayleigh McEnany addresses M5M “apoplectic coverage” by mentioning Chris Cuomo’s ill-advised use of quinine; IMHE model; Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s story about Roger Ailes and big pharma revisited; McEnany on Trump’s support for right-to-try legislation for off-label drug use; idiot Nancy Pelosi body-shames “morbidly obese” Trump for taking unapproved medication
0:42:50Dr. Drew Pinsky to obnoxious interviewer: “I’ve never seen one adverse side-effect”, “I know many doctors that are taking it themselves” as a prophylactic; Mike Rowe to Davie Rubin on the Kübler-Ross five stages of grief for coronavirus lockdown, unintended effects of safety-obsessed culture; SAGE Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies douchebag makes a fool of himself on UK Channel 4, “it was difficult to imagine just how easy the lockdown was”
0:54:05ACC debunks “Sweden did not shut down” lie; epidemiologist Johan Giesecke notes uselessness of lockdowns: “most people will become infected by this and most people won’t even notice”, “what do you do for the next thirty years?”; Gov. Andrew Cuomo deflects accusations that he caused nursing home deaths by ordering they accept coronavirus patients, “older people are more vulnerable!”, ACC: “then don’t send sick people to their facility!”, “there’s a randomness to this virus that is inexplicable!”, old people unprofitable for insurance companies
1:07:43Possible COINTEL operation out of India against virologist Luc Montagnier; Living Beyond 120 podcast episode “COVID VIRUS: Where It Came From and What We Should Do” with biochemist Dr. Chris Howard and microbiologist Dr. Lynn Howard on ubiquitous “annoyance” coronaviruses, controversy surrounding “gain of function research”, binding mechanism shared with original SARS; malaria sequences and hydroxychloroquine “kill switch” theory; SARS-COVID-2 vs COVID-19, possible HIV vaccine mechanism; 2005 NIH paper on effectiveness of HCQ against SARS; JMD’s college roommate planning to sleep in her car in JCD’s driveway; emerging virus strains as evidence of evolution back to its natural state
1:36:49ACC notes lack of stinkeye for maskless HEB patrons; strip clubs reopening with new definition of “lap dance” and masked dancers
1:39:28Producer Segment
2:18:14Mika Brzezinski “you should be ashamed of yourself, you’ll be hearing from me” iso
2:20:01“Mean girl” Kayleigh McEnany schools reporters on voter fraud, responds to nasty op-ed with “thou doth protest too much, Susan Rice” mic drop, Marillion Kayleigh interlude
2:28:49ACC OTG: LG tablet running Android-minus-Google LineageOS, FOSS Browser
2:34:22Furious Mika Brzezinski rants about Trump tweet about Joe Scarborough’s dead intern: “Donald, you’re a sick person!”, petulant “and you won’t even wear a mask, to protect people from your germs!”; The Hill on Mika’s threat to tattle to Jack Dorsey, ACC: “Karen Brzezinski”
2:42:27Maria Bartiromo on Chinese spy professor arrested at Case Western Reserve University, Trump: “the ink was barely dry”, “right now I don’t wanna speak to him”, proposed ban on Chinese companies in federal Thrift Savings Plan run by Obama appointees
2:52:31Donation Segment
3:05:13Article by Matt Lauer attempts to rebut Ronan Farrow’s account of his #MeToo indiscretions
3:08:50Joe Biden’s CFR boast about getting Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin fired revisited; leaked phone calls between John Kerry and a surprisingly coherent Joe Biden and Petro Poroshenko who notes “we don’t have any information about him doing something wrong”, special appearance by Marie “Band Camp Girl” Harf, “extremely strong motivation” in the form of $1bn loan guarantee; 2013 clip of Biden telling stories about his brain surgeries: “the side of the brain that the first arter… the first aneurysm is on controls your ability to speak”
3:21:10ACC and JCD argue about Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot discussing aldermen “pledging allegiance to the new world order”; people with ADHD tend to be in sales in or in prison