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1280 Deplatformed Duo (2020-09-24)

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0:00:00ACC: “It’s in our face!” (0:44:00)
0:00:33No Agenda “deplatformed” from Spotify after bogus “copyright claim” e-mail exchange, lack of fair use provisions for music, ACC’s CarProUSA and Spanish J. C. Penny ads, Stitcher’s “problematic” re-encoding of content, Animated No Agenda derivative works
0:15:26Canada blames “COVID fatigue” for looming danger of “5,000 cases a day!” if residents do not “flatten the curve”, JCD comments on “little Hitlers” running health departments, Canadian media hysterical about “wave of infections much bigger than the first”; Sky Australia marvels at second wave in Europe with no mortality increase; producer note on misleading headlines about school cases; PCR test inventor Kary Mullis in 1993: “if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody”; JCD envisions cartoon with swab on the end of a drill, latest Thermo Fisher 45-cycle assay; WHO’s Maria Van Kerkhove concerned that “the right tests went to the right countries”, JCD: only “the deplatformed duo” questioning the narrative
0:30:52Jane Goodall to World Economic Forum’s The Great Reset podcast: pandemic is just like climate change, Prince Charles all-in on “green-blue recovery”, Tedros Adhanom announces WHO “green manifesto”; Speaker of the House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle calls for climate lockdowns; CKNW Lynda Steele Show debuts Build Back Better song; Justin Trudeau “as we start to build back better”; King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands reflects on the UN architects’ goal to “build back a better world”; Texas GOP leaning on Gov. Abbott, ACC’s masked “dogs in a stroller” woman, leftist Amsterdam douchebags holding illegal house parties
0:49:04Anthony Anderson’s divisive “say it with me, Jimmy!” Black Lives Matter rant at the Emmy Awards; ACC’s conference call with Dutch TV producer and San Diego douchebag; The Hollywood Reporter photos of ugly people; promo for satirical Project Whiteout on Kickstarter
1:03:59Noodle Gun: Costco vs Palmetto Cheese, Princeton under investigation by DoE, Saddleback College student proposes alternative to racist Gaucho mascot “Titty Pussy”
1:09:14Biden campaign’s new “put a lid on it” strategy; low-energy “Joey” story in North Carolina, deluge of random COVID-19 numbers, “not a joke” one dollar for pre-K, “one nation, indivisible, under God, for real!”, single mothers “through no fault of their own”, off-script “my wife is thirty years younger than me”, the tired old lie about income vs capital gains taxes
1:21:08ACC suspects Buzzfeed’s FinCEN money laundering leak of being an anti-Trump dragnet
1:27:11Producer Segment: 20/20 “The Secret in the Suitcase” easter eggs; Scott Adams in hospital
2:16:42Retired Col. Richard H. Black discusses application of 1807 Insurrection Act with annoying music bed, list of presidents who have invoked the statue 22 times in US history, James Mattis and other retired officers illegally criticizing Trump and calling for coup
2:30:39MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch resurrects “Trump is Hitler” meme; Morning Joe “fascist” compilation; Mazie Hirono and Chuck Schumer lie about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s final wish “that she not be replaced until a new president is installed”, ACC: “we do not install the President of the United States!”; compilation of Democrats bitching about Merrick Garland nomination
2:42:40Trump wishes Prince Harry “a lot of luck” with Meghan Markle; “a sledgehammer to kill a swarm of flies!” iso; ACC forgets the Donation Segment and jumps the gun on the outro music
2:45:08Donation Segment
3:00:12John Solomon: State Department ignored evidence of Burisma’s $7M bribe to prosecutors during Hunter Biden’s tenure, ACC tries Rachmaninov bed for the show; Amy Goodman on Greenpeace flying “oil is over” banner next to tankers full of oil which “no one wants”