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1281 Talkin’ Loudy (2020-09-27)

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0:00:00JCD: “And they threw her in the slammer for six months!” (1:06:15)
0:00:34Alarm over Zephyr rescheduling; ACC’s clashes with Hotep Jesus over ADOS and Bitcoin
0:12:26Franklin Graham’s Freedom March 2020 in Washington DC ignored by media; media lying about absence of masks at Trump rally on the runway with “America’s penis” Air Force One
0:16:47Gov. Ron DeSantis reopens Florida just as Cambridge orders masks outside everywhere, “it’s such as simple thing … to protect each other”, ACC: “baaah!”, €300 fine in Rotterdam, Dutch football yelling ban; 7M-case “milestone” in the US, globalist The Atlantic recommends “Mask Up and Shut Up”, ACC: “I’m talkin’ loudy!”; Victoria producer’s photo of “mask-wearing zombies” on the beach; The Lancet paper labels COVID-19 a “syndemic”; Democracy Now revels in “record number of infections” lie, UN massaging crisis into “wake-up call” for Greta Thunberg and her ilk; Plan Bay Area Blueprint for 2050 work from home mandate; Marketwatch piece warns of “economy-wide lockdowns to halt climate change”; bus stop propaganda in Vancouver; Build Back Better from Japanese PM Suga; Tedros Adhanom promotes WHO tools as “best bet for spreading… speeding up the development”
0:38:51JCD catches Biden “goin’ to his nose” in mayors’ roundtable, mysterious laughter at “straight to me”, JCD story: Bill Ziff’s ill-advised “send it to me”, “Blow Jiden” from the Troll Room
0:44:00Vaccine race update; racist Bill Gates admits “the Foundation’s motto is all lives have equal value”; Dr. Scott Atlas deconstructs Dr. Robert Redfield’s assertion that 90% of the population is susceptible; Dutch 2,000-death computer “glitch”; BBC “deaths for any reason” fine print; Ontario medical officer Dr. Barbara Yaffe warns of “false positives almost half the time”; JCD theory: massive DNA collection campaign, uninhabited Berkeley testing station; Washington Post propagating report of “more contagious” strain from nonexistent Texas surge; Australian media implicating Chinese social media propaganda; open letter from hundreds of Belgian doctors against lockdown; TtK’s “team sleepy Joe Biden” question from kid at store
1:08:59Viral “there is a silent majority out there” ADOS video; Trump unveils $500bn Platinum Plan for black America, JCD on Plaza Hotel redesign; NYPD cop arrested for spying on Tibetans
1:21:47Producer Segment: JCD seeking fiber terminators; North Carolina wine country
1:51:32Trump gripes about mail-in voting; producer note on corrupt election politics in Luzerne County PA; Trump mocks “dumb guy” Biden and his “lid”, Amy Coney Barrett for SCotUS
2:03:57Nicolle Wallace, Yamiche Alcindor, and Amy Goodman obsess over Barrett’s “secretive” People of Praise church and The Handmaid’s Tale; JCD comments “as a Catholic”; former member Coral Nika Theill reads an account of “abuse and torture”, “I was forced to sit on the floor”, ACC: “where do women sit in the temple, Amy Goodman?”, JCD notes Jim Jones’ popularity among Democrats; trans-racial adoption attack unlikely due to Haiti connection
2:24:28SCOTUS Rapid Response Action Guide slogans and talking points; Roe v. Wade recap from ACC, JCD on Ginsburg’s failure to resign in a timely manner; Ginsburg’s granddaughter expands on “a new president is installed” last wish; Mitt Romney: liberal court “not written in the stars”; looking for election-night coup; Bernie Sanders weighs in
2:45:48Donation Segment: “more tics than an Adam Curry appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience
3:09:13Noodle Boy in HOMER phonics video; “wildly impressive” iso; damning Flynn documents
3:12:48Andy Schechtman on FedNow inflation plan; Kirsten Gillibrand promotes postal banking bill
3:23:53Democracy Now accuses Rand Paul of “lashing out” at BLM, lies about “peaceful march” attacked by drivers, ignores Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend shooting at police, ACC: “lies!