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1293 Covidiots (2020-11-08)

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0:00:00JCD: Hey, man, can you turn it down?” (0:01:51)
0:00:43ACC’s latest overmodulated Section 8 serenade; Biden’s victory speech before any concession from Trump, Kamala Harris signs in Philadelphia; Van Jones suffers “easier to be a parent” weepiness attack, “for a whole lot of people it’s a good day!” (CotD); PICC Prevalence Induced Concept Change on full display; Jones identifies Trump’s accusations of corruption as veiled racism; Anderson Pooper: “no real actual evidence of any kind of fraud”, “like an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun”; Jake Tapper gripes about tweets from Trump’s “spawn”
0:12:48NBC jumps in to fact-check Trump speech contesting outcome and promises to return “as news events warrant”; John Brennan slithers out of his lair to label Biden “very presidential”, Nicolle Wallace: Trump “vandalized and ransacked” noble institutions like FBI and DHS; Rahm Emanuel proposes Biden turn retail employees into coders in six months, JCD: “stop!”, Cisco’s “prison prep” deal with Chicago schools; drunk or not drunk Kamala Harris raves “we did it, Joe!”; JCD predicts post-2022 Harris impeachment and new Trump news network
0:24:18Hoover Institution’s John “Torture Memos” Yoo reviews the Florida 2000 recount saga; Trump campaign announces “count all the legal ballots” campaign; Quinnipiac University Prof. John Pavia on withdrawable “plenary right” to vote and complex doomsday scenarios
0:35:12CISA’s Chris Krebs reflects on fallibility of election technology; Steve Pieczenik stakes his reputation on QFS Blockchain being part of the election mix; bogus DHS “stunning turn of events” press release making the rounds; Dominion Voting Systems machines rejected as insecure by Texas; Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar blathers about “quirks” in the way data were “translated”; “tabulating software glitched” in Michigan
0:52:00Sidney Powell on 3% of the vote likely changed by CIA HAMR and Scorecard systems, JCD: “we’ll that’s the end of her”; Matt Taibbi on media ignoring recent Mueller Report declassification indicating neither WikiLeaks nor Roger Stone were connected to DNC exfiltration
1:05:20Santa Cruz woman claims her service dog voted; Rudy Giuliani on dead people voting and backdating; producer note predicts retribution push; uninterruptible chatterbox Kellyanne Conway on uselessness of polls; Merriam-Webster stamp of approval for “superspreader”
1:25:01Producer Segment: 2016 domains; “Dimension B Covidiots”
1:56:21CBS All Access Tooning Out the News Trump hate orgy with “hug and share a secret!” clone
2:05:01Producer note on Russian COVID-19 tracking app requiring selfies every four hours; Liverpool’ Broadgreen International School piloting “lateral flow” tracking system with the British Army, “each child and adult will be identified with a unique barcode”; CDC website sneakily stops mentioning post-recovery false positives, JCD: “this is how they stop the pandemic”
2:13:58Nasal spray found to attack COVID-19 in mink, Denmark to cull all mink to stop “cluster five”, ACC: “they’re comin’ for your dogs!”, Mimi’s collection of outrageously expensive mink coats; New York State Bar Association urges state to make vaccination mandatory
2:21:08Useful Idiots cohost Katie Halper still propagating “very fine people”, Glenn Greenwald on “liberal ideological affirmation” in media, 91% of NYT readers Democrats, new profitability model leveraging hate and fear, JCD on the failure of journalism schools to promote objectivity
2:37:32Donation Segment
2:51:22Google whistleblower Tristan Harris reads opening of Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death to Joe Rogan; The Coddling of the American Mind author Jonathan Haidt on the destruction of Generation Z thanks to social media; “nine out of ten of us are hams!” iso