Call Clooney!

1300 Electrical College (2020-12-03)

Show 1300 album art
0:00:00ACC: “I’m important here, I’m from the news!” (0:11:16)
0:00:34Rumors of Gina Haspel in Gitmo and Joe Biden ankle monitor; party horn for Show 1300 “and we never had a fight”; JCD compares and contrasts British double cream and Cool Whip
0:05:59Douchebag Austin Mayor Steve Adler issues stern warning against holiday travel from his vacation timeshare in Cabo San Lucas, “I want you to know that I apologize” performative; San Francisco Mayor London Breed busted for a French Laundry party of her own; local news interviews incensed restaurant owner in Kalamazoo Michigan: “wake up, stand up, this is America, be free!”; CBS News notes record hospitalizations in 33 states, Deborah Birx: travelers must assume they are “infected”, “fourth surge” warning, new “travel shaming” meme; “shame, shame on you!” from Dan Orlovsky for Broncos quarterbacks on ESPN
0:21:15Alex Jones rants about ventilators as “the new guillotine”; proposed new stimulus bill with no stimulus checks for citizens; Andrew Yang proposes payoff for taking COVID-19 vaccine; “COVID-19 vaccine makers are exempt from liability” highway sign in Durham; Georgetown University virologist Angela Rasmussen helpfully comments to NPR about vaccine safety concern: “it’s legitimate but it’s also not legitimate”; Robert Kennedy Jr. on “pathogenic priming” in ferrets and Dengvaxia dengue fever vaccine deaths in hundreds of children in the Philippines; ACC notes “in the wild” meme coming from the likes of Bill Gates
0:36:52Dr. Peter McCullough to Senate Homeland Security Committee on fraudulent academic papers against hydroxychloroquine in The Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine; rebuttal to Corman-Drosten paper establishing PCR testing methodology; This Week in Virology rushes defend Anthony Fauci’s viral PCR cycle pronouncement; Twitter outraged over HBO Max outage, JCD recommends The Queen’s Gambit; Democracy Now on UK as the first to roll out vaccine, new study indicates COVID-19 was likely present in the US before Chinese outbreak; Fareed Zakaria in attendance at Understanding China Conference in Guangzhou, Hawaiian Airlines now requiring proof of COVID-19 test 72 hours before departure
0:47:48REAL ID compliant Colorado Digital ID, Wales rolling out vaccine ID cards, JCD: “chip the sonovabitch!”; JCD’s two-minute medley of forgotten No Agenda jingles and isos
0:57:30“The revolution will not be televised” as Trump presents evidence of electoral fraud, “they call them dumps, big massive dumps!” iso; ABC News announces “no evidence of widespread voter fraud” from Bill Barr, Giuliani “unfounded claims of election fraud” vs “it’s disgraceful what happened” whipsaw, allegations of death threats against GOP election officials, ACC predicts “tears will come scenario”; Steve Pieczenik “tripling down” on watermarked ballots, Chinese investment in Dominion’s parent company in October, Stacey Abrams’ New Georgia Project under investigation for registering dead voters
1:17:34ACC predicts long-shot strategy of pressuring governors to decertify election results, JCD skeptical about 90-year “Fourth Turning” or Strauss-Howe generational cycle
1:27:57Producer Segment: JCD’s book-worthy Substack stories; Podcasting 2.0 chapter images
2:24:08Social media delighted with fart noises from Rudy Giuliani as he bickers with Michigan Rep. Darrin Camilleri; Democracy Now throws out distraction of Trump’s preemptive pardon for his family and associates amidst DoJ bribery-for-pardon investigation
2:33:04New Bush-Gore 9/11 election talking point uncovered by Project Veritas after listening in on calls between Jeff Zucker and CNN lackeys; Sidney Powell issues controversial admonition against voting at Georgia rally, Lin Wood announces “1776 is back!”, “over 410 electrical… electoral votes”, software “that is 75% owned by the Communist Party of China”
2:44:12Bones “I ran the typeface through the Library of Congress database” from 2013; federal government as major beneficiary of Bernie Madoff’s crimes; 2014 report on police presence in Times Square New Year’s Eve event; Bill McKibben fearmongering about climate change; Janet Yellen explains her “collective” Build Back Better plan to “invest in our workforce”, ACC: “UBI until we need you”; Democracy Now on NSA vs encryption, IRS pushing for unencrypted Bitcoin wallets, JCD on the laziness of government employees; Jeff Bezos’ 2014 kidney stone; local native ad for Walmart “secret Santa” with “it’s not too late” promotion
3:03:17Donation Segment
3:23:46Alex Jones rants about “kiosks at the mall” for teens to get their Klaus Schwab population control microchip implants championed by Ted Turner and interdimensional alien intelligences, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates “like ham radio operators”