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1305 Palin Pardon (2020-12-20)

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0:00:00JCD: “Get out of London, people!” (0:06:09)
0:00:34ACC’s reaction to “pod” compared to RIAA’s reaction to MP3s, JCD’s adoption of 192 Kbps, Gary U.S. Bonds on vinyl and Radio Northsea International on 538 kHz
0:04:36NBC News: “Christmas is cancelled in the UK!”, ACC calls bullshit on new COVID-19 variant which “does spread more rapidly”, Netherlands shutting down all air service to and from UK but not the ferry, distraction from looming Brexit deadline, China-EU “bilateral investment deal” in final phases of negotiation
0:09:15Vaccine “fainting nurse” viral video; Anthony Fauci and FDA caution those with history of allergic reactions to get shot up in a hospital; Canada to require vaccine recipients to continue with public health countermeasures; John Fletcher “Chineeers!” and “Chinaaa!” screams
0:16:06Anthony Fauci’s bizarre appearance on Sesame Street to gleefully announce “trials in children”; Sanjay Gupta lies “it didn’t hurt a bit” with his Elmo bandage and Elmo doll; lying misogynist Fauci to gullible children: “I vaccinated Santa Claus myself”, “Santa Claus is good to go!” iso
0:23:03NBC News rundown propagates “supply chain” meme alongside SolarWinds “supply chain equals China”, Pence family roll up their sleeves, 27 states bitching about Operation Warp Speed running on impulse power, Gretchen Whitmer demands “where are our doses?!”, ACC: TWS Trump withdrawal syndrome, JCD on reports that vials can be diluted to produce three doses, “three cans of water to one can of orange juice”, Pfizer and federal government accusing each other of botched communications, third anaphylactic incident “as millions report no serious side effects”; slow-talking retired Gen. Gustave Perna falls on his sword: “I failed, I am adjusting, I am fixing”, ACC: “he’s like Radar from M*A*S*H”; ABC News claims 27M people “don’t have access to an ICU bed if they need it” (CotD), ACC story: “no train noise at all” at Nevada motel, JCD proposes “300 million people aren’t dead” headline
0:38:3033M Californians under stay-at-home order of some sort; WHO’s Dr. David Nabarro reiterates his warning that lockdowns “make poor people an awful lot poorer”; NBC fear porn over testing wait times, ACC’s new “I’m gonna get in the testing line!” voice; Colorado coroner irked at the state preemptively classifying gunshot wounds as COVID-19 deaths; nursing home residents accounting for all but two deaths in British Columbia; CNN’s Brianna Keilar presents “alternate reality known as planet Fox” compilation, Project Veritas and Thanksgiving surge deaths MIA, Gavin Newsom potentially going the way of Gray Davis
0:55:42China rationing heat due to import restrictions on Australian coal; peculiar Axios report on Chinese spy Fang Fang’s bad breath; CNN “just when we thought we couldn’t hear anything crazier” report on Trump’s efforts to overturn election, Sidney Powell “roundly and thoroughly debunked” lie, Michael Flynn’s “crackpot idea” to rerun election under martial law
1:08:59K.T. McFarland predicts delayed DNI election report will be “pretty explosive”, JCD theory: acting CISA director Brandon Wales “doesn’t wanna get fired” on Twitter; Mike Pompeo blames Russia for SolarWinds attack; Klaus Schwab’s “frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyberattack” revisited, JCD CIA or NSA “involuntary audit” theory
1:18:04Pompeo presents address about Confucius Institutes declined by MIT at Georgia Tech, channels William Hague “protect their freedoms”; hyperventilating former Secretary of Defense William Cohen to Brolf on “purges” at Pentagon: “just think what would have happened had Donald Trump been reelected”, “draining the swamp” replaced with “purging the various agencies of the expertise”; “NBC Presidential Historian” Michael Beschloss weighs in on Trump’s five-day absence from the spotlight; Sen. Tommy Tuberville asserts Supreme Court declined Texas lawsuit after screaming about “we didn’t have riots”
1:32:39Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne on Smartmatic and Chinese “assassin’s mace” strategy to peacefully bring the US to its knees in one blow, ACC: “I think that’s what the coronavirus was”; Cardinal Raymond Burke warns about Great Reset
1:40:16Producer Segment: “Friend of the Pod” bumper sticker; Dutch coronagekke
2:13:46Joe Biden and his handler Jill sit down with “my job to talk about what’s going on in the world” Stephen Colbert, Joe chided for his desire to “go full Corn Pop” on “Dr. Biden” detractors, origin story changed to post-Charlottesville “you’ve gotta run, pop” from grandchildren, sketchy “institute at the University of Delaware” background
2:21:23NewsHour celebrates the departure and “humor” of Mark Shields, “you shouldn’t admit that” liberal guilt over having had “enormous fun”, passive aggressive “Mark is Mark” eulogy from perpetually weepy David Brooks; ACC notes the rise of Tim Pool to Rogan status
2:29:57Dr. Elizabeth Mumper on the dangers of living in fear with a swollen amygdala; Biden “reduced the auto industry” flub; NBC continues to laud PCR tests; activist ScottĀ LoBaido proposes Staten Island “autonomous zone” in defiance of lockdown orders
2:38:14Donation Segment
2:57:03Coca-Cola cutting 12% of US workforce and retiring brands like Tab
3:00:17Sarah Palin campaigns for Julian Assange pardon, ACC’s military sources sure such is inevitable, JCD irked at Trump for not acting sooner, ACC “Assange has something” theory