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1308 Swiss Cheese Model (2020-12-31)

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0:00:00JCD: “Stand here!” (0:33:29)
0:00:33British Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock congratulates researchers “who have done magnificent job in developing this viru… this vaccine”, Prof. Calum Semple notes “the Oxford-AstraZeneca virus is robust”; 37° in Austin for New Year’s Eve, Mayor Adler’s 10:30 curfew “order” almost universally ignored, JCD proposes speakeasy “prayer meeting” red light; viral video of woman in Los Angeles CVS challenging mask narrative to terrified employees, ACC’s rule-following millennials finding creative ways to not follow the rules; Anthony Fauci certain new “variant” is headed straight to the US and proposes “foot pedal to the floor” on the familiar list of ineffective countermeasures; South African ICUs beyond capacity with “trauma cases which are fueled by crime and alcohol”; JCD’s LibJoes delighted to cut in line ahead of him for the vaccine, producer note on Washington legal dispute over state health department limits on hospital ICU beds
0:14:21Former Bush White House insider Catherine Austin Fitts on COVID-19 as vehicle to promote “end of currencies” technocracy plan, “every implication of the financial coup has been magically solved by the magic virus”, Federal Reserve locations located in riot zones, “that’s not a riot pattern, that’s a real estate acquisition plan”, Chinese social credit score “slave system”
0:27:12New “nine to ten people in LA County test positive for COVID-19 every minute” meme, hospitals placing patients in gift shops, ACC perplexed at use of “variant” instead of “strain”; Anthony Fauci all-in on Joe Biden’s plan for 100 days of mask wearing in spite of its total ineffectiveness in California, ACC the lone mask holdout to and from spin class, Fauci “so let’s just do it!” iso; New York Assembly Bill A416 for forcible detention of suspected disease carriers predicted by Lisbon Treaty; Victoria Australia bans kissing on New Year’s Eve
0:36:32Another video of Irish journalist Gemma O’Doherty discussing HSC admission that SARS-CoV-2 has not been isolated, ACC “put it on the haitch” from his helicopter-flying days; 10,000-strong Doctors for Truth filing lawsuits in multiple countries to halt rollout of unproven vaccines; No Agenda “I’m giving up my spot” gimmick for vaccine avoidance; FDA notes Moderna vaccine causing inflammation in cosmetic filler sites; Team Halo “Dr. Kat” lauds “swiss cheese model of pandemic defense” for new variant; Bill Gates “super painful” revisited
0:58:512012 PLoS One paper “Immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccines leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge with the SARS virus” in animal models, JCD declares pet ferrets “terrible animals”; Fauci finally pins down herd immunity number at 70-85% for Fall 2021; Ontario finance minister Rod Phillips issues uplifting Christmas message from his vacation in the Caribbean; golfer Greg Norman’s “chisel going through your head”; 500 doses of vaccine intentionally destroyed by Illinois hospital employee, JCD: “vaccine wars”
1:11:04ACC’s call from Apple’s head of podcasts goes straight to voicemail; Apple Wallet support for vaccination and test records, report on CommonPass travel passport trails off with “answers perhaps to come”, pointing to Gates Foundation, WHO “yellow card” from the 1960s; Wuhan nucleic acid screening finds no asymptomatic transmission
1:19:01Trump’s invocation of Impoundment Control Act of 1974 and Mitch McConnell’s proposed new bill with $2,000 stimulus checks and Section 230 modifications, NDAA blocked by Bernie Sanders; Biden issues assurance that “President-elect Harris” took the vaccine; Fauci takes pains to agree with Biden in projecting “surge upon a surge”; Justin Trudeau: liberal media “lets us off the hook for a very reason: because we pay them 600 million dollars”
1:31:10News of antibiotic-resistant “super gonorrhea” on its second or third iteration, ACC: “perhaps I should not be taking my medical news from Gizmodo”
1:33:16Producer Segment: moo“ and Homer Simpson ”you can really taste the goat“ isos
2:27:58ABC News ties Nashville bomber to theories that “falsely allege” that 5G is dangerous as well as hunting “lizard people” in nearby state park, JCD: “where’s the note?”, Warner’s neighbor quotes “I’m gonna be famous”, crazy girlfriend’s lawyer claims she was trying to warn police about RV bomb-building activities; producer note on AT&T screwing Warner’s father out of his retirement, ACC directed energy weapon theory
2:38:28Netflix Death to 2020 mockumentary “presidential bullshit”; January 2020 clip predicting Adm. Mike Rogers’ cooperation with Durham investigation will lead to “substantial criminal conspiracy indictment”; former Nissan executive Carlos Ghosn’s escape from Japan in a musical instrument case, ACC notes mass exodus of entertainment CEOs like Bob Iger
2:47:25December 2019 story of China cancelling Arsenal player Mesut Ozil over Uighur comments; January droning of Qasem Soleimani; recent violence near the Stargate at Aden airport; China-EU trade deal being finalized, Xi Jinping suffering intracranial aneurysm; M5M wined and dined by CCP-funded CUSEF China-United States Exchange Foundation, JCD on editors cutting in line for the best press junkets; CES 2021 page footer “The People’s Republic of China recognizes Taiwan as Taiwan, China”
2:59:02Smart thermostat found to have been sending Georgia election data to China; white hat hackers inside Georgia voting machines with election ongoing
3:02:04“Dr. Tammy” explains QAnon as DIA quantum computing messages from the future; ACC predicts two inaugurations, Simon Parkes to Kerry Cassidy on Q as Kraken quantum supercomputer, “from the very moment that President Trump came down the escalator, the bad guys were already in a trap”, JCD on Google’s unproven claim to have solved intractable problem, National Quantum Initiative and the end of encryption as we know it, Parkes addresses Bill Barr’s “apparent failures”, Sidney Powell “one of two” lawyers qualified to lead courts-martial for treason, London likely to be cordoned off, martial law on the way, ACC Red Book: “2021 is when people will find freedom in Bitcoin”; list of indictments for Obama-era officials including “conspiracy to commit treason” for John Brennan
3:28:27Donation Segment: IRS promises 50% more audits for small businesses
3:44:03Incoherent C-SPAN caller rants about Americans as “racist bigots”
3:46:29Noodle Gun: Alec Baldwin’s fake Spanish wife Hilaria finally outed on social media