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1314 Gnarler (2021-01-21)

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0:00:00ACC: “Whoo baby this is so much cooler!” (0:56:14)
0:00:34Tired old sovereign citizen “the US is a corporation” conspiracy theory comes roaring back for Biden inauguration; Zephyr report; “Trump is really in charge” theory; Alex Jones “this is the end of the country, folks” epic rant, “all over, enjoy!” iso; Alan Dershowitz predicts “reeducation camps” for Trump insiders; compilation of liberal morons like AOC promoting deprogramming and “de-radicalization” efforts for Trump supporters: “there has to be consequences!”; JCD accepts wager with LibJoe that Senate Republicans will vote to convict
0:14:50George Carlin in 2005: “when fascism comes to America … it will be Nike sneakers and Smiley shirts”; Jake Tapper reflects on “big lie” promoted by MAGA crowd “infected with the virus of disinformation”; Alex Stamos to CNN: “OANN and Newsmax problem” should be solved with deplatforming by internet and cable companies, JCD on marginalization of John Birch Society in the 1960s; Obama State Department veteran Sue Gordon laments to NewsHour about inability of FBI and DHS to spy on conservatives, calls for “9/11 Commission kind of activity”; Nancy Pelosi joins You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton podcast to discuss Putin pulling the strings on Trump and his “insurgents”, Pelosi agrees with call for “9/11-type Commission” and brags about making rude gestures at Trump, protestors “Putin’s puppets”; Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser calls on residents to “if you see something, absolutely say something!”; many of the 300 rioters being sought by FBI ratted out by their own families
0:27:33Brookings Institution’s Rashawn Ray lays DC riot and 2020 lockdown protests at the feet of white supremacists, JCD: “I’m losing faith in everything”; New York Times’ Jamelle Bouie to NPR: “the only way to unity is through division”; Anderson Pooper: “just two weeks ago he did incite an erection on the Capitol… an insurrection on the Capitol”; ABC News “your best friend just called you crazy” ad; Jason Calacanis to CNBC: Parler “pretty gnarly”, “people are dying because of this dog whistling”, ACC: “Gnarler”, “business opportunity” to invest in new conservative safe havens; No Agenda Social being branded adult content by corporate firewalls, “Rory’s Dad” David Sutcliffe in trouble for tweeting video of weed-smoking rioter, SAG-AFTRA set to jettison Trump; FCC warning amateurs and users of personal radio services, JCD story: CB QRM from trucker with “nuclear submarine” antenna; Obama and Hillary score at the top of the left-leaning Twitter toxicity meter
0:51:18Kash Patel to Lou Dobbs on continuing declassification of Obamagate materials; Soviet 1921-1926 Operation Trust counterintelligence honeypot; Natural News’ Mike Adams assures us “things are about to happen”, impeachment as distraction from document dumps
0:55:58Trump farewell address wishing Biden-Harris administration “luck, a very important word”, Dvorak-Pooper “dog whistle” skit, social media censorship labeled “not who we are”; Wall Street Journal podcast channels Darren O’Neill with odd “inaugural address” pronunciation
1:02:35Producer Segment: Knighthood for Donald Trump; Moe Karma! jingle
1:39:25Random Biden “rural versus urland” inaugural gibberish compilation; CNN’s John King spits out a “Joe O’Biden”; “President O’B… Biden” from recycled spokeshole Jen Psaki, US to be a refuge for “those fleeing prosecution”; day-one executive order laundry list, “science fair” display of inaugural gifts from states, 100-day mask mandate with no mention of 100-days
1:51:25WHO reiterates revised PCR guidance for inauguration; ABC blames “California variant” of COVID-19 for funeral delays, “severe allergic reactions” from a batch of Moderna vaccine; Anthony Fauci distinguishes British and “ominous” South African variants; Dr. John Dye explains “variant” vs “strain”; JCD predicts April 4 end of pandemic; ABC family “COVID porn” and sketchy 211,000 children “reported sick”; Scott Gottlieb to Face the Nation: new variant doubling weekly; “no jab, no job” threats in the UK; ABC News teaser “concern over the vaccine” about shortages and not allergic reactions; India One: 23 deaths in Norway in the elderly “not alarming”; CNBC: Aldi planning to “incentivize workers to take the virus”; 200 different vaccines available in China, mRNA vaccine’s 2.79% adverse event rate vs 0.26% infection fatality rate, 1,478 deaths in Nigeria, COVID-19 now linked to erectile dysfunction
2:19:50Reactions to Amsterdam Museumplein BLM protest vs peaceful avondklok curfew protest; musical Build Back Better compilation; HTML comment at; Klaus Schwab announces plan to “lounch a process to build ze future” with virtual WEF and late May in-person summit in Singapore, new book Stakeholder Capitalism: A Global Economy That Works for Progress, People and Planet, “ze multilateral system 4.0”, ACC: “Klimate Klaus!”; Sen. Elizabeth Warren hyperventilates over “the K-shaped recovery” and argues for wealth tax as universal panacea; EU approves mealworms as “delicacy” for human consumption
2:38:27Victoria “fuck the EU” Nuland invited back to State Department by Biden administration; Biden’s “secret Asian man” Secret Security agent tasked with keeping him from faceplanting
2:41:32Donation Segment
2:59:14Biden “we have never ever ever ever failed!” iso; ABC’s newly-elevated senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce gushes over Biden White House; M5M giddy over return of regular press briefings that “died” under Trump; George Stephanopoulos and David Muir gloat over Biden’s “eloquent and elegant rebuke” in refusal to mention Trump in inaugural speech, JCD: “they never mention the previous guy!”
3:08:28Jeff Pegues on “mysterious Bitcoin transfers” linked to January 6 riot; Janet Yellen all-in on finding ways to “curtail their use”
3:11:58C-SPAN caller from Arkansas cut off at mention of election fraud