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1320 Quarantine Dodgers (2021-02-11)

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0:00:00ACC: “Yeah I actually like my iPhone, I don’t wanna piss anybody off …” (2:07:48)
0:00:43Buzzkill Jr. & the Shill eyeing old hard drives with Bitcoin near $49,000
0:02:43Bush and Cheney the obvious next impeachment candidates, C-SPAN apologetic about the occasional “bullshit”; “Attorney General Barr pursued the investigations anyways” (BCotD); Tapper and Pooper revel in the use of CNN footage; female NPR news reader flubs “incite an erection” and “the cock”; Victor Davis Hanson likens the spectacle to communist public shaming with dunce caps, free speech vs “free reach”; Robert Barnes: Congress seeking to usurp judicial powers; Hanson on Twitter’s “racist reactionary trope” of banning Trump; Alan Dershowitz on Trump’s “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” excised from the record by CNN and PBS; QAnon crowd getting ready for March 6 Trump inauguration
0:24:32Barnes enumerates major problems with Pelosi’s impeachment shenanigans; Tablet article “The Thirty Tyrants”, another $250M in Chinese investment for Reddit, Agora technology under the hood of new Clubhouse social media app, ACC attributes “algo puts him top!” approach to Chinese app developers; ACC drawn in by viral TikTok baked feta pasta video
0:42:26ACC’s analysis of Kobe Bryant crash confirmed; lackluster spectacle of Super Bowl LV, Britt Reid’s DUI arrest as a signal, The Weeknd vs Pepsi, “pull up your pants!” streaker, JCD revisiting streaker era TV shows; Family Feud “balls!” iso and Alex Jones “I never sucked any ding-dongs” rant; fluff interview with weepy Joe Biden shilling for Hunter’s new memoir
0:53:10WHO declares Wuhan Institute of Virology Lab off the hook; Maria Van Kerkhove lauds “constructive exchanges”; “zoonotic” pronunciation refresher; former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb: determining virus’ origin “important from a political standpoint” first and foremost, Chinese government still sitting on source strains; new “frozen meat theory”
1:01:03Mutation terror driving German lockdowns, 9:30 Dutch curfew; Utah “test over test” method drops infection rate from 15.4% to 7.3%; Dutch government shoots down Elfstedentocht skating competition plans; UK cracking down on “quarantine dodgers” to the tune of £10,000; Van Kerkhove mispronounces her own field of expertise discussing virus variants; British Columbia health officer Dr. Bonny Henry responds to question about crowd size limits: “none of these are based on scientific evidence”; Bill Gates “super painful” now dubbed “COVID arm”; “more mutations” compilations; Anthony Fauci asserts mass vaccinations will stop variant emergence; Jim Cramer: Americans are worried about “vaccine variants”; 20% of COVID-19 survivors experiencing “brain-related problems”; French media now promoting hydroxychloroquine
1:16:06Robert Kennedy Jr. deplatformed by Instagram over “debunked” claims; Axios: Biden’s “solid economic blueprint” dependent on vaccines; Iranian cleric: vaccine turns its recipients gay
1:19:59Producer Segment
1:52:47One-year anniversary of two-week “flattening the curve”; CDC amplifies double-masking propaganda because “the science is clear” and masks don’t work; Chinese counterfeiters cranking out “3N” masks, JCD on 1970s Japanese “made in Usa” branding
1:59:55Jake Tapper brays about “MAGA terrorism”, “clear link” between Mall and Capitol established by New York Times phone tracking; Epoch Times on Chinese social media news licensing; ProPublica’s Lydia DePillis gripes to MSNBC about Apple being allowed to list conservative podcasts and claims there are no alternative platforms; open letter from “writing and publishing community” opposing Trump book deals, JCD: “these names need to be in a database”; French alarmed at the rise of US cancel culture
2:17:03Noodle Gun: Bruce Springsteen’s Jeep ad pulled after DUI comes to light; UK nurses urged to cease use of “breast milk”; Beverly Hills police leverage YouTube copyright police
2:19:46JCD on 1960s underground Marxist icon Herbert Marcuse and Howard Zinn; Mary Grabar discusses her book Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America and Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States as communist propaganda, New York Times 1619 Project the brainchild of Marxist Nikole Hannah-Jones, Zinn’s bogus use of ellipses in quoting Christopher Columbus’ writings, “overtly political” anti-Trump Zinn Education Project, JCD on Zinn book cameo in Good Will Hunting, mailing address shared between Zinn Education Project and SJW Teaching for Change
2:41:40Brian Stelter slobbers over “refreshing” Jen Psaki; Psaki “great question” & “um” compilation
2:43:48Donation Segment: ACC notes post-Super Bowl “wormhole” producer disappearance
2:55:40NewsHour disdainfully memorializes Larry Flynt by noting “he built a pornography empire partly on images of violence against women”, JCD: “this is your natural treasure”
2:59:37NewsHour notes unusually cold weather in Europe with nary a word about global warming