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1339 Accelerationism (2021-04-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “The podcast story that you picked up on your vacation.” ACC: “It wasn’t that great in hindsight” JCD: “Oh no!” (1:46:21)
0:00:39JCD’s Sunday morning 3x3 featuring a return to Afghanistan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer bashing Republicans in her Fargo accent; Bill Maher’s prior cancellation over 9/11 comment, doctor and media “panic porn” bashing, Democrats clueless about COVID-19 danger, applause for drop in Texas infection rates, potentially unwelcome defense of Ron DeSantis as literate
0:12:07Twitter bans clips to DeSantis roundtable addressing school masking; Scott Atlas: “the fear became another contagion”; forced swine flu vaccinations from Show 109; Pfizer CEO predicts need for booster “between six and twelve months”, JCD mRNA containment theory
0:20:30Anecdotal evidence of spike protein “shedding”; Anthony Fauci addresses antibody-dependent enhancement in 2020 with reference to nonexistent animal testing; Australian local news mentions treatment to “prevent people dying from COVID vaccine”; producer note on orgasm in 80-year-old woman in Dominican Republic after receiving Chinese vaccine; TikTok influencer on campaigns paying thousands of dollars to post vaccination selfies under the nose of FTC; gaming account @Wario64 acting as mouthpiece for CDC; Norwegian doctor who blew the whistle on AstraZeneca blood clots revealed to be heavily invested in Pfizer; absurd Hero pill dispenser “manage your meds” ad; Cincinnati Children’s Hospital propaganda, JCD: “side effects are supposed to be rare”, Bill Gates “super painful” revisited
0:36:41CBS celebrates “staggering new milestone!” of 3 million deaths, “more than the population of Houston” as not-so-subtle threat, “battling new infections!” vs positive tests, incomprehensible “experts warn the US strategy to out-vaccinate a mutating virus could derail progress” as call for lockdowns, Justin Trudeau trots out “variants of concern”; Ontario Premier Doug Ford gloats at his “the strictest measures in all of North America” police state, thumbs-up for “calling to snitch” on neighbors, JCD on Canadians’ gift for complaining, “we pull out a gun”; CBS moves on to variant “tearing through Brazil”, “last person they see before they die” meme, ACC: “Democrats have taken over the favelas” in Austin homeless camps
0:56:14Rep. Steve Scalise squabbles with Fauci over YouTube censorship of DeSantis roundtable and “60,000 infections a day”, grandstanding Jim Jordan skit, JCD: “they’re gonna Gates him too”, “you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth!” from Maxine Waters; NPR “some dezz … likely misattributed to the flu” WHO milieu bullcrap; producer note on “COVID survivor” vaccine dodge, JCD: “buttons and T-shirts … and a mug!”
1:08:54Producer Segment
1:42:26NPR celebrates John Kerry’s visit to China for Earth Day; Australian ad shames podcast listeners’ “carbon thumbprint”; ACC’s almost-MIA vacation Real AF podcast story; ironic Freedom of Expression award for YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, “founding mothers of NPR”
1:54:53NPR “worst host you’ve ever heard” Sally Hirships and Scott Horsley discuss bank closures; another riveting NPR piece takes on COVID exhaustion with uptalking dingbat Washington University psychiatrist Dr. Jessi Gold (CotD); Evie magazine article “Over 50% of Liberal, White Women Under 30 Have a Mental Health Issue”; State Department evacuation in Chad
2:02:06NPR jumps on Biden’s pronouncement of gun violence as public health crisis: “a big part of normal are these shootings”; Indianapolis FedEx shooter questioned by FBI last year; Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx tries to obfuscate facts in shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo, ACC irked by “they’re coming for the Second Amendment!” alarmists, producer note on “unnatural draw” and logic behind “taser taser taser!” warning; Anderson Cooper lays it on thick with Virginia Tech reminiscence; Texas State Rep. Ann Johnson envisions “Wild West pimp style” resulting from constitutional carry legislation (CotD); “double whammy” iso
2:20:14MEP Mick Wallace’s microphone cut after confronting OPCW over Syrian chemical weapons cover-up; compilation of M5M “bombshell!” reporting on bogus Russia-Taliban bounty story
2:30:30NBC News reflects on how officer Brian Sicknick “had been killed” on January 6; former DHS Elizabeth Neumann blathers to Fresh Air about white supremacist “accelerationism” ideology; race riot champion Maxine Waters: “we’re looking for a guilty verdict”, exhorts protestors to become “more confrontational”; Jen Psaki defends United Nations Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s assertion that US Constitution is racist: “he/she is not only qualified …”, JCD: “she’d just as soon work for the Chinese”
2:49:23Donation Segment: ACC’s Moog Etherwave theremin
3:08:54NPR native ad disguised as story about campaign by seven-year-old to persuade Old Navy to put pockets on girls’ clothing, ACC: “blatant child abuse”