Call Clooney!

1391 Clown World (2021-10-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “I mush dogs.” (1:43:07)
0:00:30JCD’s raunchy-sounding vibraslap percussion instrument; ACC’s Bastrop meetup report, chlorine shortage everywhere but California, Universal Life Church religious exemptions, upcoming Southwest strike, knighting ceremony with five-foot sword, white labrador “trap dog”
0:15:19Showdown between Lori Lightfoot and head of police union over vaccine reporting, JCD on collective bargaining limitations in US law; Maine Sen. Lisa Keim: “there will be 911 calls that go unanswered” with mass exodus of EMS workers, “this really has not been well reported”; TSA agents facing November 22 deadline; strikes at John Deere and Kellogg; construction worker “Old Man Cruz” admonishes “don’t be no yellow-bellied son of a bitch!”
0:28:43Peter Hotez gripes about “anti-science aggression”; NBA player Brandon Goodwin gripes about post-vaccination blood clots; Delta CEO Ed Bastian on achieving 95% vaccination without instituting mandate; Magic Johnson/Kyrie Irving meme for the Newsletter; NTD on “boomerang employee” phenomenon; Texas Sen. Bob Hall irked at refusal of entities that mandate vaccines to accept responsibility for adverse reactions
0:41:18FDA panel approves Moderna booster, “the FDA did not independently review most of the data” on Johnson & Johnson booster; NIH study finds booster mix-and-match approach “likely safe and effective”; producer notes on “antiquated” practice of pulling needle on intramuscular injections and mixing of vaccine vials by unqualified office staff; 2009 story of cheerleader Desiree Jennings’ flu vaccine dystonia; JAMA study finds state vaccination lotteries ineffective
0:53:36Australian “coffee cup Gestapo”, Unlawful Consorting and Prohibited Insignia bill outlawing “bikeys”, EU to regulate tattoo inks in 2022; UK “twindemic” meme; WHO alert for ebola-like Marburg virus, ACC: “what other animal could we have instead of a pangolin?”; German grocery stores free to ban the unvaccinated, Dutch Parliament rejects social credit score ban
1:06:09M5M notes lifting of Trump-era ban on travel from 33 countries but ignores tighter limits on truckers; LA port backlog to last well into 2022, “we’re buying more products than ever!” lie; deputy treasury secretary Wally Adeyemo: “the only way we’re going to get to a place where we work through this transition is if everyone in America and everyone around the world gets vaccinated”, $600 IRS tracking threshold to make public “less likely to be audited”
1:15:50Producer Segment: “keep sanity in this clown world”; JCD’s dogsled adventures in Lapland
2:04:15Coach Jon Gruden fired after e-mail leak; Jason Whitlock draws comparison with Barstool Sports, “it’s like what happened to JFK” at the hands of the woke NFL; ACC’s new Neumann TLM 103 microphone; Haiti missionary kidnapping a repeat of the 2010 script
2:19:39Texas House passes transgender sports bill; Facebook to remove “sexualizing content” directed at public figures, ACC: “it’s violence, man!”; Loudoun County VA school board chaos over transgender restroom policy; furiously projecting Biden reminds University of Connecticut that “the road to tyranny … begins with the destruction of truth”, Hitlerian “not more, fewer!”
2:32:45Superman’s bisexual son and modified “the American way” “a better tomorrow” motto
2:34:21Ask Adam: Parkland shooter David Hogg Nikolas Cruz to plead guilty; Bill Clinton hospitalized with sepsis; producer notes on “meat sticks” and synthetic nicotine
2:45:55NTD Wolfgang Puck soundalike on NYC graffiti cleanup; woke Seattle cancels Halloween
2:51:05Donation Segment
3:05:37Squid Game reality show, The Morning Show lesbian action; “hop on board with the woke” iso; Al Sharpton “Patomic River”; idiot Jen Psaki gripes about “a focus around numbers”