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200.5 No Agenda 200.5 (2010-05-17)

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0:02:15ACC on Michael Jackson killed on CNBC
0:04:00ACC/JCD meeting story, CNET pilot 1993, Cranky Geeks
0:08:31Origin of the show, JCD: “an interesting conversation between two people is interesting to everybody”; JCD’s natural cynicism, computer test said JCD’s career path should be “critic”
0:12:54Decision to go to two shows per week; radio backgrounds; sound quality, ACC: “Silence is beautiful.”
0:19:07Who’s the star of the show?
0:20:11How Family Guy changed “no jingles, no sound effects, no agenda”, Weenie and the Butt; ACC: “zero content, all filler!”; Geoff Smith’s jingles, “in the morning” rimshot and segue
0:26:22Evolution of the show; complementary clips; no plan; transition to more media assassination; ACC’s mail labeling system, C-SPAN, transcript system; JCD on Book TV; move away from anecdote format listener-driven
0:35:03Donations introduced in late 2008 or 2009, public broadcasting model, NPR: “sponsorship, underwriting, advertising, call it whatever you want”; psychological hurdle to fund raising
0:43:53Instant feedback via live streaming, fixed schedule
0:45:28ACC: “We don’t work for tips.”
0:46:41Entertainment? ACC afraid JCD’s going to kick the bucket, JCD afraid ACC’s going to go off his rocker
0:49:14Hope to accomplish? JCD: give listeners an edge, ACC: born to do it
0:52:10Objections to “hookers and blow”; JCD on new hookers cycle
0:53:46Show opening as an impediment to attracting listeners?
0:54:54“Crackpot” moniker as ultimate shield; Crackpot from e-mail, Buzzkill from artwork
0:55:44Open-source nature: ACC: “we don’t own anything”; show postmortem; derivative products; “in the morning” trademark suggestion; Aric the Shill on the administration
1:00:31Deuce Club donation segment
1:06:59ACC: “so John, would you like to basically do this full-time and quit everything else?”; podcasting as an off-putting mechanism/medium; Apple pushing all NPR podcasts
1:15:22Knighthood and similar promotions, JCD: “Why can’t Ford Motor Company grant knighthoods?”; Knight network app, bat signal; JCD on interesting promotional models
1:21:55Most enjoyable show element? JCD: when the show ends, ACC: catching JCD flat-footed
1:24:43Support breakdown by country
1:29:13Subscriber numbers?
1:31:07JCD’s show prep; value and volume of show notes
1:33:50Global fund on money hidden in the Reagan administration?
1:34:42Cost of producing the show?
1:35:31ACC uses SoundByte by Black Cat Software
1:36:58Instructions for Nokia E71 app creation; BlackBerry getting on podcasts
1:38:26“A glut of talent”; prefer new format
1:39:40What’s the future? Media’s getting worse, Obama administration getting worse; longevity by independence from advertisers; no conspiracy theory tax; Alex Jones as canary in the coal mine; no guests, JCD: “this is not the Larry King Show