Call Clooney!

200 The Deuce! (2010-05-16)

Show 200 album art
0:00:00JCD: “They opened fire for public safety? It’s a frigging deer!” (2:06:17)
0:01:42ACC’s new studio
0:02:40Producer Segment: record-breaking $1234.56
0:09:48Codex Alimentarius: Iowa raw milk case; ACC explains the C.A.; McCain dietary supplement regulation bill; war on salt, Heinz ketchup 15% less salt: JCD: “you were using high fructose corn syrup in 1970?”; high-end salt fad; John C Dvorak’s salt tip of the day: fleur de sel, sel fumée
0:29:24Arianna Huffington on KCRW’s Left, Right & Center, cut off after TSA X-ray cancer comment
0:34:57Inherent racism in public broadcasting: Isabel Allende on Tavis Smiley: “it’s always white men who do that”
0:40:38CVC on De Nieuwe Uri Geller; British Airways strike; Obama on high-speed rail: “and you wouldn’t have to take off your shoes”, CNN on al-Qaeda targeting rail
0:50:45Soap opera “in the morning”
0:51:40Obama weekly address on the Financial Reform Act, or Federal Reserve Empowerment Act; Citizens Bank advertisement: “good banking is good citizenship”, JCD: “It’s more of an indictment of the educational system: dad, what is growth?
1:00:07Honey Bunches of Oats advertisement, ACC: “now with more Crackpot flakes!”
1:01:22Donation Segment
1:12:38Rainbow clouds over Los Angeles;
1:15:20Two to the head stories: “intellectual property address” Stephen Timms stabbing; Khattiya Sawatdiphol/Seh Daeng shooting; Goldman Sachs barricaded
1:20:19Glenn Beck on Elena Kagan writing on government “unskewing” media, Cass Sunstein on conspiracy theory tax
1:27:33Schwarzenegger commencement speech
1:28:34BP oil spill: C-SPAN voice-over “This is where the oil executives are pointing the finger at each other.”; Obama: “falling over each other to point the finger of blame at somebody else”; foreign companies expanding operations in the Gulf; BP America CEO/Cantwell back-and-forth: “legitimate claims”; oil inventory pump and dump cycle; JCD’s bacterial oil production theory; Mikhail Prokhorov, Pincus Green, Iran’s huge oil refinery (ACC’s PPotD)
1:49:23Law & Order off the air after turning on global warming; Sharon Stone bad acting; “Well, a guy named Miranda ruined that for both of us.”
1:52:19Showtime’s Darker Me; Tyra Banks: “I call him my cousband”; Juan-Carlos Cruz murder for hire arrest
1:56:31Australian parents being paid for vaccine trials; pregnant woman ear disease vaccine in Aboriginals
1:57:58Afghan opium harvest reduced 33% due to fungus; Kandahar push coming up; McChrystal Petraeus anecdote, JCD: “tossing out baguettes”; Courageous Restraint Medal
2:02:27France & Germany, JCD: “This is not going to be fun to watch.”
2:05:00San Francisco Bay deer shooting