Call Clooney!

290 Mission Accomplished! (2011-03-27)

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0:00:00ACC: “I watch She-SPAN for a living, can I buy you a drink?” (2:02:00)
0:00:35JCD “mission accomplished” in Libya, ACC theory: using Gaddafi to oust Chinese; Hillary: “we would welcome Congressional support” for “internationally authorized intervention … to enforce a humanitarian mission”, ACC: “to save people from getting killed, let’s go kill some people!”; televangelist on Satan influencing man “to steal, and to kill, and to destroy”
0:10:20West Wing Week Presidential teleprompter congratulates itself on Libya, military’s “unique capabilities” meme; theory on Gaddafi activating sleeper cells worldwide; Adm. William Gortney: “we’re not communicating with the coalition on the ground” Freudian slip; Gen. Wesley Clark to Democracy Now in 2007 on post-9/11 Iraq war plans and Wes Clark Seven: “he said, this is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off Iran
0:22:54Producer Segment: “squirrel!” iso from Pixar’s Up
0:34:50Hillary “Lucifer” Clinton; Donald Trump to The View: “why doesn’t he show his birth certificate?”, “terrible pail that’s hanging over him”, Whoopi Goldberg plays the race card, JCD: “sounds like a henhouse”, Whoopi’s seven-year weight cycle, Crown Books’ Herbert Haft
0:43:07ACC in search of an RV for eight-week Hot Pockets Across America Tour
0:46:51Obama “you can take that to the bank” broken promise montage; American Empire Before the Fall author Bruce Fein martial law scenario, “I think you all would agree nothing would happen”, Congressional dereliction of duty on military action; Obama Council of Governors, Louisville KY emergency response plan allowing property seizure; Second Circuit vs due process; Bruce Fein rant: AUMF “the first time in history that we declared war against a tactic”
1:04:17London austerity riots and one-pence gasoline price cut; Smedley Butler’s War Is a Racket
1:10:08The Event season finale throws Posse Comitatus Act under the bus; Reagan and Kennedy assassination plots in the air; Gaddafi’s Obama-JFK parallel with Israeli nuclear weapons and WMDs; Le Figaro outs Sarkozy as Mossad agent, Valerie Jarrett reveals Jewish roots; Gerald Celente: “would the United States be in Iraq if their major export was broccoli?”
1:20:15Donation Segment: JCD recommends ShadowStats for real unemployment number of 22.5%
1:33:54611 Folsom Street home of AT&T’s MI6 fiber optic splitters and Exotic Escorts
1:37:57And Now Back to Real News: Lady Gaga on Fukushima charity album; Las Vegas DA who prosecuted Paris Hilton arrested for buying cocaine; Warner Brothers’ Alan Horn ousted
1:41:48European Banking Authority; Obama speech to distract from Federal Reserve recipient disclosure; Nigel Farage: EU all-in on Libyan regime change; Warren Buffett hiding from Goldman Sachs, “a lot of adjustment needed” if euro collapses, “we’re watching an interesting play”
1:57:18No uproar over GE’s $3.2bn tax refund; more Bruce Fein for end of show; Duke Professor Bruce Lawrence on Osama bin Laden’s fake 9/11 confession tape, al-Awlaki’s Pentagon brunch
2:03:17Producer note on Allegra-juice interaction hype and cheaper OTC status; FedEx Chantix ban
2:05:09UK considering raising carbon tax; Connie Hedegaard targeting oil shale; Madonna’s Malawi girls’ school foundation implodes; Bones to explore “foots” on shore; Bank of America hacked
2:08:15Shadow Puppet Theater: Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib Chief Psychiatrist Dr. Larry James
2:09:56IBM Watson language understanding ad, “Jew Sorting Machine”; Paralympics profit squabble
2:14:23Newt Gingrich’s bogus list of 18% who don’t believe in American exceptionalism (JCDPPotD)
2:17:51Dutch politician Frank van der Vorst accidentally tweets instead of DM’s “as you throbbingly climax for the first time I feel your juices in my mouth as if they were the nectar of love”