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51 Corked Wine (2008-10-12)

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0:00:32JCD on Virgin America flight delayed by projectile vomiter, alternate route due to air show with Blue Angels; ACC’s two-hour Daily Source Code, “mini Fox network”, Gitmo T-shirts
0:06:30Acme Steak House baby back ribs, 2005/6 Ridge Geyserville Zinfandel, JCD on watering down extremely dark wines; Ritz Carlton mismatched flavors, recent Schwarzenegger visit
0:14:09Decanted substitute 1998 Pagodes de Cos, JCD “so you don’t think this wine is corked” to steward, TCA trichloroanisole contamination, 1997 BV Private Reserve paint contamination, high-end calvados; “tasteless” lunch at Fringale; Quince tasting menu and Vacqueyras wine; upcoming Isa visit, mysterious OpenTable point system, backdoor rumor, FAQ on “dining checques”
0:28:14More gold for ACC, JCD 14k vs 6k market bet with broker friend; Iceland bankruptcy freezing British municipalities’ assets, Gordon Brown invokes terrorism protocols, JCD on Lisbon Treaty: “Ireland, we love you”, Iceland looks to Russia for €4bn; Berluscone walks back talk of market shutdown; top-rated Canadian banking system vs US ranked next to Namibia; ACC predicts global system based on carbon credits, Soros on Bill Moyers, £50 easyJet carbon credits, GreenJet “coasting for carbon” idea
0:40:31ACC’s MILFy San Francisco neighbor working for Obama; “Barack Osama” on upstate New York absentee ballots
0:43:43Boring presidential debate “town hall”, Obama’s stylish bar stool manner, JCD tip: write notes on cardboard box; Obama backward-looking Peace Corps scheme, repeated “look”, $250k tax cutoff and small business; Limbaugh on McCain avoiding repeating Hillary’s attacks; ACC wishes for Obama win to avoid riots; McCain’s awkward gait; Obama credits invention of computer to government for communications, bogus “25% of global energy use” meme, JCD “Saudi Arabia of coal” revisited
0:57:56Michelle Obama making the rounds, explains lack of handshakes, on “shutting down” creepy “Sing for Change” video with brainwashed kids; McCain credits “chief petty officer”, patronizing “my friends”, salesman name-repetition, lame hair transplant joke, Karl Rove badly needed; Andrew Horowitz mentions Biden’s $250k net worth, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews puts positive spin on “a hundred to a hundred fifty thousand dollars” after mortgages, “big counter to any elitist charges”; ACC: “there’s hope that he’s not lying”
1:09:00JCD on stock market: “I’m short!”, 401(k) exposure and Social Security privatization, ETF exchange traded funds shorting market segments; National Debt Clock runs out of digits
1:13:10ACC’s long stay in San Francisco; Obama & McCain both left-handed; upcoming Digital Hollywood panel; JCD headed to Portugal, The Economist catch-up; Soros “better world order”, John Lennon interview, JCD on 1970s depression, 22% interest under “bonehead” Carter, “I think the big one is yet to come”, $1T for China and hyperinflation
1:24:47JCD’s newly-acquired Zimbabwean $10M banknote with expiration date; ACC’s “cheap” Alaska quarters, collectible gold coinage “crap shoot”