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568 Heteroflexible Previvor (2013-11-24)

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0:00:00ACC: Ahh, it was a dark, dark November day. It was a Sunday in November. Dvorak was back in Cali-for-ni-a and Curry in Texas. But the prognosis was not good!
JCD: Y’know that’s funny ’cause that relates to a clip I have
ACC: Oh really, well then I’ll keep this one handy just in case. And we’re good to go!
JCD: Although your thing, that’s a little more dramatic, than, mine’s more subtle, but anyway, hit it!
0:01:30ACC: “The Nordic outbreak!”; Willie Nelson’s bus crash
0:03:50JFK Month of Remembrance, National Family Week, National Child Day
0:05:15Transgender day: rainbow flag across street from Fred Phelps; JCD: “we have to have a flag!”; heteroflexible
0:09:37Breast cancer previvor;
0:17:42JCD on TSA Pre✓ in Orlando; JCD & ACC: “Leave your shoes on!”; “dildos show up orange”; bogus heart attack on ACC’s KLM flight
0:25:28Bomb scare on Spirit flight; North Carolina teddy bear “bomb”; LAX hoax: “¡Ándale ándale!”; school lockdown drill
0:34:42Producer Segment: JCD’s Texas accent: “U.S.S. Shitcutter”; origin of “hat trick”
0:43:51Correction on the etymology of strijkstok blijven hangen
0:45:22A plea for less bogus e-mail; “read more here” game of telephone chains; “hat tip” WTF
0:50:15Adam C Curry’s Pet Peeve of the Day: dismissing dialogue boxes without reading message
0:52:04ACC: “BitTorrent Sync is the future”; emacs org mode
0:55:30Climate-gate: Amy Goodman in Warsaw; “cough for coal”; “climate justice”; ACC “Another great chant!”; “climate debt”
1:03:55“Peacemakers”; Prem Rawat on Free Speech TV
1:04:48Amy Goodman back-announcing Chopin; climate change flag; Sir Jeans Netatmo setup; 90 companies produce 23 of emissions, Jesse Jackson style shakedown
1:12:20Netherlands to spend €70bn on windmills
1:13:16No Agenda Swine Flu Minute: GlaxoSmithKline H5N1 vaccine Pandemrix direct sale to the stockpile, containing adjuvants
1:17:43CDC Predict the Influenze Season Challenge
1:21:31Bitcoin: Patrick Merck RT interview; JCD: “Pump and dump!”; ACC: “Micro-Satoshis or millibits”; JCD four-year fractal based on Beanie Babies; FEC on Bitcoin campaign donations; Red Book: Bitcoin logo on cover of Time; Assassination Market
1:45:59Donation Segment: “there’s overmodulation and then there’s just mike in your butthole”
1:59:38Common Core: Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance; Obama: “grit and determination”, “grit and resilience”; Data-Driven Instruction: ACC: “back to the car analogy!”; Raikes & Stupski Foundations; affective sensors (CotD); “the commands of government officials must be obeyed by all”; “if you have drank beer or alcohol before”
2:28:21JCD’s emergency landing stories
2:29:54NCIS music bed; Law & Order out-of-office track self-DDoS; “they don’t have backups”
2:37:14Clip Blitz: High School USA! guns; Patrick Kennedy “railing” against legalization; ADHD on the rise; nuts are the new kale