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618 Binge Watch (2014-05-18)

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0:00:00ACC (Russian accent): “Coming to you from the top of the Kremlin, this is the voice of Russia.” (1:29:39)
0:00:31Skype connection falls apart right on schedule, JCD switches networks
0:04:33FCC hearings with Mignon Clyburn: “…listening to concerns not just from my mother”, Re/code: “binge watch” “next Netflix”; dinner with the defeatists; Mignon meme-spouting; MSNBC: “net neutrality: it’s a wonky techie term you’ve probably heard thrown around the interwebs”; listener’s angry e-mail: “have fun in Japan”; remote-controlled surgery argument, ACC: “oh no, I want my packets from my open-heart surgery to be equal to Netflix”; Mignon: “potential for enforcement”; sexing up tech support
0:31:42Preaching to the choir approach to hitting people in the mouth
0:34:53FCC protests: “regulate the internet for the people”, “fuck the internet!”, Alliance for Global Justice sponsor of, NGOs funding NGOs; 4K streaming will bring network to its knees
0:43:2250-50 party: Morgan Fisher, Samm Bennett, pole dancers with JCD Club 33 audio, Ujino Muneteru, The’s, DJ Touretteso
0:47:01Producer Segment: JCD Detroit meet-up;
1:06:09Dame Astrid’s daughter; ACC in Akihabara
1:09:01Vietnam-China conflict, Abe changing Article 9 of the Constitution, listener on Vietnamese school closings and flight from the country
1:11:44Stephen Cohen may be a Russian spy; Kerry on Russia’s Syria vs Ukraine election position, Cohen analysis: “Secretary of War, not Secretary of State”, Eastern Ukrainian parties on the run; Cohen: Obama not listening to elder statesmen like Kissinger, Washington silent on Merkel’s roundtable, V.E. Day; S.2277 “The Russian Aggression Prevention Act of 2014”
1:30:55Commerce Committee meeting on “malvertising”, Russia vs Eastern Europe, McCain to industry reps: “so someone loses their bank account, do you reimburse them?”; Hunter Biden joins Burisma Holdings, Kerry fundraiser Devon Archer on board; ACC: “Huma! We may not have to kill him!”; United Nations weighs in on Eastern Ukrainian human rights deterioration
1:40:33Kerry on Syria: unverified “evidence” of chlorine use
1:46:15Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Burma, 60th Anniversary of Brown vs Board of Education, World Trade Week 2014, Armed Forces Day, Emergency Medical Services Week, National Safe Boating Week, Tenth International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
1:52:22Marcy Wheeler quit The Intercept; Greenwald on Edward Norton possibly playing him in Snowden movie; no female editors at major newspapers
2:02:29Donation Segment: rainsticks worked in Roanoke, Bosnia-Herzegovina got four meters
2:11:56Halsey Minor starting Bitcoin exchange, Foundation losing members over Brock Pierce election
2:14:52John Miller answers “what keeps you up at night?”; Resurgence magazine targeting “African-American converts”, “terrorism is theater”
2:28:09Second Half of Show: HAARP shutting down, “we have other ways of managing the ionosphere”, last experiment June 15 on Six-Week Cycle
2:31:26China’s unpaid workers, factory boss on moving to Vietnam or Cambodia
2:35:12Alice Friend on Boko Haram “war against education” (CotD)
2:40:58Outro clip: No Agenda rap song by ShortFuze