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629 Passport Terrorists! (2014-06-26)

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0:00:00JCD: “Give in, citizen, give in.”
0:00:32D-STAR adventures, ACC: “it’s easier to register for the US Customs Global Entry System”, “You think that’s bad, you should try the Yaesu interface”, reflector 033C
0:06:20BitTorrent Sync deprecated, µTorrent the future
0:13:57Peculiar Australian holidays for donation themes
0:18:05Anwar al-Awlaki drone memo on public safety exception overseas, not a word on 16-year-old son, Eric the Constitutional lawyah: “this troubles you, citizen? stop thinking”
0:30:26Boehner’s Obama lawsuit; EPA’s lost Pebble Mine e-mails; Eleanor Norton apology to “Mr. Cool” Koskinen, “without a scintilla… of evidence”, “conspiracy hunting”, Chaffetz questioning Jennifer O’Connor: “a dude named Ben”; Issa: “C: drive”, 6K e-mail limit, $1.8bn IT budget
0:52:25Trey Gowdy on “spoliation of evidence”, “instead of the criminal code, you want to rely on common sense?”; why is Sonasoft not being questioned?
1:00:06Hillary in San Francisco at Fleur de Lis, ordered vegetarian; Biden pandering to Manufacturer’s Association, “we’re the only non-xenophobic nation in the world as a major economy”
1:06:13Supreme Court cell phone search ruling: Faraday bags, exigent circumstances
1:13:14Producer Segment
1:30:12Google I/O: “slave jewelry” wearables; Gmail API possibly killing IMAP like RSS
1:35:50Late night chopper/dicer Obamacare consulting ad; Hyundai Bluelink kill switch
1:40:04Google+ for ham radio; Yahoo groups now require profile; Marissa Mayer’s notorious tardiness
1:45:01Telegraph on “fiddled global warming data”; Obama progress report: hundreds of billions cost by 2100, Obama on everyone but Congress all-in on global warming
1:50:08Mike Rogers on ISIS “al-Qaeda minded”, “an unfair assessment of what we knew and how we watched it develop” accidental truth, “they want Lebanon”, Iraq foreknowledge self-contradiction; Rogers to become DJ, not high-paid consultant: blackmail?
1:59:29Diane Sawyer leaving World News Tonight replaced by David Muir, Red Book: big coming-out
2:03:14Helmetless Kerry in Baghdad; “Obama’s Spartan number” 300 sequel; Kagan ISW ISIS chart: Ceyhan pipeline gateways; Human Rights Watch on child soldiers; Executive Order on NDAA 2014 section 1206 “flexible funding mechanism”, classified Presidential Directive 23 “security sector assistance” clearing NGOs to use force, JCD: “we’ve deputized Greenpeace!”; Feinstein: “they’ve cut off heads”, “a brutal bunch”, “they do want to develop the caliphate”; why didn’t we drone these guys in jihadi Disneyland? Feinstein & Rogers on recruiting in Germany, “passport fighters”, coming German & EU visa restrictions; Muqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army back, “get outstanding tax receipts”
2:33:02Donation Segment: JCD: “home winemakers occasionally make world-class wine”
2:47:12Polish Ministers on US blowjob; Albania considered for membership in Russia blockade EU
2:50:18Angry Pakistani actor in UK, ACC: “it’s like a bad radio play”, Liam Fox on “greater powers of surveillance to monitor extremists from ISIS”
2:54:23Juncker to replace Barroso; colony collapse disorder pinned on German pesticides, Friends of the Earth vs Germany and big box stores, FoE advisor Ian Illuminato
3:03:17Mike Rogers on no-fly list: “the training camps have been unabetted for years”
3:05:35World Cup: Macau $645M betting ring breakup, Ghana’s plane full of money for players, FIFA corruption, ACC: “you guys throw the game or we kill Merkel”
3:12:47German parliament ends Verizon contract over spying