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659 Mirific! (2014-10-09)

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0:00:00JCD (falsetto): “Oh really? You really work for CBS?” (1:27:13)
0:00:33JCD’s turkeys, ACC’s “2004” in intro; “neurodiversity”, pedophilia recognized under ADA?
0:05:15Obama’s “indispensable nation” in FPI executive summary; recommendation to repeal military budget cuts; Obama at Pentagon: “leaner, meaner”; “post-Assad Syria” part three of three-prong approach; Wes Clark: “as Vladimir Putin is finding, or as Gaddafi found out”
0:24:33Executive Order reinstating Russian import duties; HBO Sochi documentary
0:28:11David Marsh USA Today China SDR article, National Endowment for Democracy in Hong Kong; State Department outdoing CIA, Hillary “techno-experts”; RMB as reserve currency, “magic circle”, Frits Bolkestein, Ruud Lubbers on board; Hong Kong the Zug of China; Endowment for Democracy USAID funding, Marsh OMFIF co-founder
0:43:37Udo Ulfkotte on CIA recruiting journalists, Bundesnachrichtendienst Libya article request, “do you really think this is journalism, intelligence agencies writing articles?”, Bob Woodward Naval Intelligence background; Norman Lear Center’s Hollywood Health and Society Program, “an attempt to provide free resources to writers who want to include climate change as one of the storylines that they’re working on” (CotD), Modern Family subclip, Gates-funded Global Centers, India and Nigeria top entertainment centers; Gates illegal HPV vaccinations in India
1:07:45Producer Segment: ACC’s T-Mobile support “awesome”, “mirific”
1:26:23Chicks dig producers; ACC’s CBS secret; DHS guy: ebola “the ISIS of infectious agents”
1:30:14Charlie Rose feeding lines to Matthew Olsen on NSA, cyber mercenaries, targeting Dudes named Ben; heroin in London; Bergdahl official story: “it’s hard to argue with getting an American back”; Khorasan “received an air strike”, “old al-Qaeda”, “what worries you the most?”: {Khorasan, aviation targets}; Rose Benghazi laughter, “we didn’t even have to articulate it” as terror attack
1:51:43Dutch Ruppersberger with Brolf on FBI request for help identifying Midwestern American in Flames of War with bloodless executions; Comey on dozen American terrorists all known, “I don’t know what I don’t know” Thom Hartmann meme; Ruppersberger: “remember, ISIS is out there recruiting”, “it happened in the Boston bomber”; Mohammed Hamzah Khan arrest, “unless they’ve broken the law, all we can do is monitor them”, background Allahu akbar; London “public beheading” arrests, billionaire ISIS, “they have social media”; Khorasan R&D: “plastic bombs that they can put in iPhones”; Aric the Shill’s FBI honeypot theory
2:09:33Australian National Security Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 criminalizing intelligence journalism on ASIO and affiliates; Keith Bristow of British National Crime Agency: “we don’t operate in a secret, we often have to operate covertly”; Adobe Omniture spying
2:26:07Political family members as lobbyists
2:27:34Donation Segment: Tony Bennet “in the morning!” on Cheek to Cheek track eight
2:39:50JCD’s L.A. trip: Adobe Behance, Tom Leykis Show; unmarked duplicate boarding pass swap
2:45:54SpaceX 2015 Falcon 9 landings vs 1969 lunar module
2:47:52Ebola patient died twice; Obama: “epidemic”, “political stability and economic stability of this region”; British military to Africa; unusable computer software “glitch”; Frieden on ZMapp, vaccine; Brett Giroir, Texas A&M vaccine facility
3:00:00CBS, Vox Media flu vaccine native ads; Gen. Rodriguez: no troops involved in treatment; $33bn cost; Tekmira stock surge; Spanish ebola dog petition; CNN Liberian kid lying down
3:11:35Common Core: why 3 x 4 = 11