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69 The Third Shoe Show (2009-02-05)

Show 69 album art
0:00:00ACC: “It’s Crackpot and Buzzkill in the morning!”, Rush Limbaugh “Gitmo nation”
0:01:05Definitive list of everyone scammed by Bernie Madoff, whistleblower testimony, ACC: “he’s almost like a truther”, SEC weenies; Michael Phelps bong pictures
0:05:06Irish businesses moving to Łódź Poland, “delocalization”; Gordon Brown: “we should agree as a world on a monetary and fiscal stimulus that will take the world out of re… depression”, Parliament goes nuts over “we not only saved the world, er, saved the banks”, Doha Agreement; Obama at “private breakfast” on FDR prayer sessions, post-FDR term limit, Pelosi all-in on resurrecting Fairness Doctrine; Pelosi “500 million Americans will lose jobs” gaffe
0:18:24Four administration nominees with tax issues, Geithner blames TurboTax, Obama apologizing for Tom Daschle’s withdrawal
0:21:42ACC: “I’m waitin’ for the third show to drop”, two acquaintances dead: director Jeroen Kamphof and Gary Christmas; JCD and Leo on Forbes “Web Celebs” gay list
0:29:06Super Bowl Pittsburgh win as predicted, US Airways 1549 exploitation, Jennifer Hudson national anthem and lip sync rumor, NBC house ads, David Petraeus coin-toss, Bruce Springsteen at half-time with unplayed guitar and Max Weinberg, JCD: “do we have national anthems before a bowling tournament?”
0:37:19Pledge of allegiance controversies, schoolkids pledging to Obama
0:41:31Ads debunking rumors of mercury in high-fructose corn syrup, JCD: “I guarantee there’s hard hats where this stuff is made, and people with clipboards looking at gauges”; no one in prison over peanut butter salmonella contamination, FDA melamine limits; JCD on Dungeness Valley Creamery raw milk, “the beautiful canola tree”; C-SPAN call-in lines, Democrats’ planned Roosevelt coup with Smedley Butler, Bush third term conspiracy theories, “Emperor Nixon”; Crackpot and Buzzkill album art
0:54:46BBC releases Flight 1549 audio, no mention of engine loss, “we’re gonna be in the Hudson”
0:58:12JCD reads his notes: “Finnish cussing”, “IPO vs 55”: no IPO market to rip off hence CDOs, ACC on pre-IPO pricing meeting, Obama first 100 days meme, Steve Jobs Mac first 100 days, “squiggly arrow pointing at a square box” with 101 and 102, 102.44 note
1:06:36Dick Cheney predicts terrorist nuclear attack catching Obama flat-footed, Cheney in wheelchair for inauguration, Brokaw “Doctor Evil” comment, Brokaw the stoner, ACC: “I’m Tom Brokejaw”; high-resolution inauguration images, Biden in “peanut gallery”; Rod Blagojevich and the Daley dynasty, JCD on massive Chicago Latino influx; ACC contrasts JCD’s note-taking style with authorship; Kirby Hensley and Universal Life Church, JCD’s Doctor of Divinity
1:17:20ACC e-mail from Bobbi Eden; Erin “money honey” Burnett’s Goldman Sachs and Council on Foreign Relations background, ACC: “she’s reptilian!”, JCD on working with her, “young Goldie Hawn” woman
1:22:52TARP transparency and accountability PDF from listener, $19.5bn for automotive industry, ACC: “this is basically economic hit man in reverse”, NASDAQ creator Bernie Madoff
1:27:14Outro: “Buzzkill” vs “The Buzzkill”