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720 Pollen Tsunami (2015-05-10)

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0:00:00ACC: “Eat bugs.” (1:18:19)
0:00:35Kofi Annan: “eat bugs”; Mother’s Day; ACC at Swan Lake; Nazi uniforms by Hugo Boss
0:07:50“Dramatic” British election results, “electoral arithmetic” and proportional representation, 13% of the vote: one seat for UKIP, Farage resignation; Whitehall demonstrations; Ed Balls
0:18:04Germanwings data recorder detected side stick pressure 33 seconds before impact
0:21:22New meme: EMP attack, NORAD moves back to Cheyenne Mountain, Huckabee: “take this country back to the Stone Age in a matter of minutes”; Iran missile “failures” at same altitude
0:26:18Mike Roger’s new outfit Americans for Peace, Prosperity and Security (APPS), “the threat matrix facing America today has never been broader”; Grover Norquist
0:35:22Sophia Vergara’s ex Nick Loeb suing for embryos, raising “when does life begin” question
0:48:24NSA bulk collection ruled illegal; new bogus explanation from Clapper on his lie to Congress; Congress opposes SEC insider trading probe, staffer Brian Sutter’s Medicare insider tip
0:52:25Medicaid “bundled payments”, price fixing
0:59:37VE Day in Poland and elsewhere; Soviet Victory Day on May 9; Garry Kasparov to Bill Maher on American troops on Ukraine-Russia border, Maher: “wake me when he takes Poland”, Atlantic Resolve interactive map; Charlie Rose’s Apple Watch, TWiTheil Apple”; International Rescue Committee spies aid workers released in Eastern Ukraine, $36M from USAID, $62M from DFID
1:18:55Producer Segment
1:29:30State Department to Matt Lee on how Hillary was free of donor influence; Clinton Health Alliance Initiative; Japanese yakuza golf course fees for extortion
1:35:15Breaking news: threat level raised at US military bases, “no specific threat”; MSNBC “terrorism expert” Evan Kohlmann on Pamela Geller: “people that exercise the freedom of speech also have a responsibility to understand that words have meaning, and that they can cause harm”; Schenck v. United States “shouting fire in a crowded theater” SCotUS ruling; European blasphemy laws; Lawrence O’Donnell decries using “thug” to describe “those people”, JCD story about PC World changing “representative” to “spokesperson”, O’Donnell “thug” montage; Cory Booker: we need to “get memes to go more viral”
1:57:54Donation Segment
2:05:46CO2 400 ppm mark reached; Tony Abbott’s business advisor Newman: climate change a UN hoax; University of Bristol paper on denialists’ effect due to psychological effects: stereotype threat, pluralistic ignorance, third person effect; Austin’s “pollen tsunami”
2:19:45Center for Media and Democracy report on lack of charter school oversight, $200M in fraud in the system; G├╝len’s charter school network; replacing public schools in Chicago, student roboticization and autonomous trucks; Ray Kurzweil on News Hour projecting Moore’s Law on genome project, JCD: the 98% problem in OCR; the dulcet tones of “Melissa” Meyer’s laugh, ACC: “I could put my hand over her mouth”
2:35:36European Commission’s Digital Single Market, copyright law “modernization”, linking to copyrighted material to be deemed infringement
2:38:56“Meaningful Use” to require Medicare providers to use 15% Electronic Health Care or face reimbursement cuts; JCD: short Apple when the first store closes
2:43:09Nike promising 10k US jobs on TPP approval, ACC on cost of importing candles
2:46:51Waze directing rush hour traffic to quiet neighborhoods; Army discontinuing Morse code