Call Clooney!

748 Lone Rat (2015-08-16)

Show 748 album art
0:00:00JCD: “I’m goin’ to kill in place!” (2:34:36)
0:00:33New Red Book; Google maps flakiness & Perseids, ACC’s Buddipole, meteors vs moonbounce
0:06:00The craziness of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, JCD: Blazing Saddles holds up
0:09:01FDA approves OxyContin for 11-year-olds; FaceTime native ad on ABC
0:12:56Air traffic control ERAM “glitch”, “fully redundant backup channel”, $333M over budget, Mimi’s Craigslist “just use your phone” directions
0:24:44Donald Trump in New Hampshire, helicopter rides, to Carl Icahn: “you take China”, “I want the horrible”; Bill Maher on Reagan run as a joke, “Fox tried to put a stake in him”, Megyn Kelly vacation; Arthur Brooks: “low-information voters” like him; drug dealer prediction: Hillary out, Biden in; Bill and Obama on the golf course, JCD: “I think he’d actually take a bullet”; lousy anti-Trump folk song
0:48:25Producer Segment: ice cream flavors;; donation Dawlat Al Islam Qamat
1:03:05JCD’s Sunday Skype call-back, fake space shuttle alien movie, Intel Compute Stick losing cycles after RAM upgrade
1:09:00JCD’s “three networks, three weeks” study, Richard “liar” Engel’s Billy Mays NBC cadence
1:13:21Greek bailout agreement reached; deluge of “visitors”, island “reception center”; refugees in Calais trying to get into Great Britain
1:21:24ABC hit job revisits British Airways emergency landing in March: “trash and old wires”
1:26:37New Planned Parenthood video; Ben Carson: Margaret Sanger “not particularly enamored with black people”, admired by Hillary and the Nazis, Ehrlich’s The Race Bomb
1:31:20Producer note on circadian rhythm disorder, “non-24”; sexist thermostats and hypothyroidism
1:35:49Shinzo Abe: “no more apologies”
1:38:25New Louisiana law to ban cash for gold, FDR’s Executive Order 6102, money supply control
1:42:03AT&T’s spying collusion with NSA
1:44:17Al Roker demonstrates homebrew McRib on Today Show, ACC: “oooh, sauuuce!”
1:52:0915% increase in pedestrian deaths, decapitation by roller coaster searching for phone, “nomophobia”; Instagram reigns supreme in Austin
1:58:48Donation Segment: Breakfast at Tiffany’s sterling silver phone dialer
2:13:33ACC to be on Newhouse School panel with Jarl Mohn in Syracuse, no honorary degree for you, JCD the Kentucky colonel, “broadcast radio is the cockroach of media”
2:20:32Los Angeles reservoir “shadow balls”
2:22:27Today Show Baltimore blue crab shellfish allergy reveal, “there’s nothing in mine!”
2:25:11Cyber season: CISA, PCNA, CSEA, EINSTEIN Act, $9.5bn DoD appropriation
2:27:01Brolf at Aspen Institute, Comey: “ISIL is not your parents’ al-Qaeda”, “crowdsource terrorism”, “troubled souls”, “kill where you are”, “talk to a terrorist” skit, @talktoterrorist; on end-to-end encryption: encrypting data “in motion”; can reveal “not much” about July 4 attack, “inspired, directed, or enabled”, “kill kill kill”, “ISIL tweeters in Syria”, hates “crypto wars”, “you love your country, you love your children”, JCD: “I think she’s at the playground right now, do you love her?”
2:49:10Brolf: “why do you dislike the term lone wolf terrorst”, JCD: “they got a focus group!”, Comey: “lone rat”; Foreign Policy Association’s Gail Harris: “have we seen them plan to use cyber as a weapon?”, “that’s a great question”