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813 Clinton Condign (2016-04-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “Here’s how I’d like to punish women: first I’d like to punch ‘em in the gut!” (1:23:58)
0:00:38JCD in New York City, “rush ticket” and waiting strategies for Broadway musicals
0:08:48Frans Timmermans: “diversity is humanity’s destiny”, “not giving up our values to refuse diversity”; Soros funding for Dutch Ukraine-EU referendum campaign with Till Eulenspiegel
0:23:46More Hillary voice masculinization by JCD; dilated pupils in interview with Rachel Madcow, dilation in proximity to someone trusted or attractive, ACC: “there’s a lizard inside!”
0:31:09White House sloppily censors Hollande’s “Islamist terrorism” in Syria & Iraq from official video (CotD); Ash Carter to ROTC serviceman on “mission accomplished” criteria: “we have to protect our own country” from people who have “lost their way”; Robert Gates on Libya: “I don’t want any military plans or options going to the White House that I haven’t seen”
0:43:47JCD April Fool’s joke in Hoax Museum, OpenTable “lickable photos”; Musk a Jobs wannabe with Tesla S3X; Austin Chronicle Obama moving to Austin story
0:49:01Debunking Anand Giridharadas’ claim that “the people who die in those coffins … have a racial make-up that is much browner and blacker than the rest of the country”, Sharpton: “there’s no doubt about it”; accidents first among causes of death
1:00:37Donation segment #1; JCD Argentine ant incineration technique recap
1:07:25Burma’s unelected leader Aung San Suu Kyi, JCD: “this is the basis of corruption!”
1:09:55Trump the woman-punisher, Cecile Richards ropes in entire GOP, Dawn Laguens: “that’s what their agenda is, day in and day out, they do punish women”; Trump’s comment on Chris Matthew’s hypothetical “what crime is it” question; Rachel Madcow’s smug account of “super intense” Hillary interview, “Donald Trump started pontificating on how would like to punish women”, Trump’s Catholic church pushback mostly edited out: “I am talking about your religion”, “I’m not gonna play that game”
1:33:16Madcow: “I’m not in the habit of following back to their offices after my interview with them is over”, Hillary: “outrageous and dangerous”, invokes Maya Angelou; JCD: “the Republicans are throwing the election”, washing of hands for 2017 collapse; Hillary: “this kind of inflammatory, destructive rhetoric is … really on the outer edges of what is permitted under our Constitution”
1:47:01Trump on NATO: “we spend a fortune on defending” Japan, Germany, South Korea, “they can’t believe they get away with what they get away with”; Hillary: “some countries … have really stepped up”, avoid defections to Putin, “this all is a very complex set of circumstances that I don’t think he even has studied or cares to understand”; JCD: 662 bases overseas; Milo Yiannopoulos and Trump the father figure
1:58:13Andrew Napolitano: Hillary “at the vortex of a perfect storm of legal misery”, FOIA cases and evidence of conspiracy, “condign punishment”
2:03:47CBS News millennial to “how ya doin’ Facebooks” Bernie on lectern bird: “you basically shut down the internet”, “do you have an animal spirit?”
2:06:42Donation segment #2; W1TEE’s new vanity call
2:12:44Odd Antiques Roadshow “that’s terrible” reaction to $200-300k appraisal
2:14:35JCD on Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips as depression food; PodShare and flophouses; ACC on limos and car services vs Über and Lyft, JCD on Lyft’s New York increasing market share
2:24:38Molenbeek riots a perfect cover to sneak away; Turkish evacuations a response to ISIS threat against American and Israeli children; Algerian mafias in Europe
2:28:22Ellen Show’s Jeannie Klisiewicz MKULTRA moment in Detroit school scandal story