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81 Naked Vegans in Cages (2009-03-19)

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0:00:35Mevio meeting culture vs memo culture, JCD: “I’d rather sit at home in my underwear”; ACC’s work with Unix in a Nutshell & ttyttr text-to-speech headline automation, JCD on automated Pacific Ocean Park radio KPOP, @noagendastream comments
0:11:50AIG’s $165M in bonuses media distraction, CEO “winding it down”, government’s 80% stake to avoid nationalization, Eliot Spitzer article, JCD: “I’m surprised they didn’t drop him in a small plane”, Obama top recipient of AIG campaign contributions, Chris Dodd’s Silicon Valley shakedowns; Financial Times only now reporting on Fed buying treasuries; JCD nailed it: Jon Stewart’s brother Larry Leibowitz at NYSE Euronext lost shirt to Madoff, Horowitz’ appearance massaged into Samantha Bee segment; “greenpooling” in abandoned Arizona commercial real estate, tenants on the hook for utilities; debate on money printing sustainability
0:27:43London G20 in April; goopy-mouthed Ben Bernanke visibly shaking on 60 Minutes; Obama to appear on Tonight Show, live address to nation on 24th, Geithner and Obama speeches tanking markets; Barney Frank comment on Code Pink surrendering printed signs: “it’s a good thing no one was wearing a T-shirt with a slogan”
0:33:36NBC food show The Chopping Block; molecular gastronomy restaurant Fat Duck closed after food poisoning outbreak affects 400; And Now Back to Real News: Jane Seymour’s food poisoning; the demise of “hoity-toity” foodie-ism
0:36:50Obama and Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowan read each others’ teleprompter speeches; reporters not allowed to report on White House background briefing calls; And Now Back to Real News: PETA protesting Jamie Oliver in cages, ACC: “naked hot pregnant vegan chicks!”
0:42:40Donation Segment, $66.60 & $420.09 donation numerology
0:48:18Listener message on Iridium satellite collision actually glancing blow; “flood” of herion into Australia from Afghanistan, Alex Jones DVD for ACC’s Afghan shopkeeper; JCD story: 1993 trip to Israel, Scud-watching in lawn chairs, useless Patriot missiles; last edition of Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Nixon-era joint operating agreements for resource-pooling; media avoiding deconstruction of US-Israel relation for fear of appearing anti-Semitic, JCD on Israelis embedded in US government, “buffer state” or US proxy, Rahm Emanuel “just another jerkoff”
1:03:28Copenhagen climate change “shindig”, George Monbiot book Manifesto for a New World Order, The Telegraph on hysterical headline-grabbing statistics and botched predictions; ACC predicts newspaper bailout, JCD: “why don’t they bail out the Catholic Church?”
1:09:08Baxter International’s tainted vaccine; Katie Couric HPV vaccine coverage; perpetual hay fever “vaccine”, ACC: “RFID chip dust”; The Telegraph: intelligent people live longer
1:12:4928 cosponsors for Ron Paul’s H.R.1207 Federal Reserve Transparency Act; Missouri law enforcement document on identifying potential militia members by Ron Paul bumper stickers, conspiracy theories, “subversive literature”; Posse Comitatus violations after Alabama shooting, ACC: “just to get you used to it”; Santelli tea party entrapment scheme
1:17:33WikiLeaks publishes Australian banned web sites including Queensland dentist
1:19:50And Now Back to Real News: Denise Richardson skiing death
1:20:44ACTA Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement with the usual suspects including Monsanto
1:24:08And Now Back to Real News: Anne-Sophie Pic gets three Michelin stars, ACC’s door-to-door fish vendor, disappearance of The Simpsons fish Blinky; massive London police raid for guy already in jail; ACC-JCD Amsterdam meeting scheduling issues
1:30:08Outro: JCD’s Bordeaux tasting, disappearing Bill Gates 640k quote & Bobby Kennedy photos