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823 Postcard From Paris (2016-05-08)

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0:00:00JCD (slurred voice): “And I’ll be talking about IMAX on the podcast.” (2:51:39)
0:00:35ACC back from France; senior purser hates Air France; 777 vs Dreamliner; medical emergency
0:05:07“Total final numbers” in on Austin Prop 1, Über & Lyft out, Austin “Silicon Prairie”, city control over surge pricing, 1% of revenue slippery slope; B Corporation promo video, “declaration of interdependence”, JCD: “I want my safe space!”; genuine ride sharing & hitchhiking
0:20:22Alexa in Paris; ACC’s new Apple Watch, JCD: “I want my safe space!”; Moroccan Über drivers worried about Trump WWIII, mouth-hitting in French, “tolerance index”; ACC’s new suit, clothing salesman on homegrown terrorists; well-off homeless people, female Muslim beggars; cell phone-free parks, Minitel; cheap prices, cultural similarity, Arc de Triomphe; modern French cuisine; “I actually filled a Blizzard with fudge”, “because science” meme; love lock
0:41:49Dutch gossip magazine headlines, Patricia “lookalike” TtK, “Patricia Begs Ex for Money”
0:49:20Ryan: “this is the party of Lincoln, of Reagan, of Jack Kemp” ignoring Eisenhower, Kemp gay gang rape story, Rubio VP theory; Bush and Graham signed pledge; Obama: “this is not a reality show”, Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience; Trump and Ryan to meet
1:01:55Bill Kristol: Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney viable independent candidates; Nate Silver’s bogus predictions; Sally Kohn: Indiana “very racially divisive and divided state”, “1924 ain’t that long ago, Ashley!”, JCD: “I remember it like it was yesterday”; Rob Reiner: “there are a lot of people who are racist!”, “strain of racism”; Obama encourages “genuine scrutiny” for candidates, “making sure that their numbers add up”; Hillary: “being a loose cannon doesn’t … protect him in any way”, Elizabeth Warren xenophobia tweet, return of the Hillary cackle
1:18:39Hillary yells that we should’t yell at each other; Hitler cadence; Mac Stipanovich: Trump “worse by far”; Chris Hayes’ “hot wet rag” on wound; Chris Matthews ogles Melania
1:25:01Producer Segment: rainsticks for Candinavia
1:41:49Shawano WI to levy fines on parents of bullies; Obama anti-bullying task force, “rising tide of bigotry and harassment”, “despicable crimes”; Gloria Allred lawsuit against Gilroy CA district over pedophile teacher; sex offender list for peeing in park, JCD is not Jame Gumm
1:54:07Earthquake scientist: San Andreas fault “locked, loaded, and ready to roll”
1:54:42OMB’s Shaun Donovan: climate change responsible for situation in Syria, $3bn for Green Climate Fund; Al Gore: TV news “like a nature hike through the Book of Revelation”, first “climate refugees” relocated, 250bn gallons of rain in Hoouston, “laws of physics”; Kimmel’s native ad, scientists: “we’re not fucking with you”
2:04:33Michell Obama NCIS appearance for VA damage control, impressive acting skills
2:07:21No Agenda’s sincere recommendations vs Ben Greenfield Fitness pushing cricket bars
2:10:18Donation Segment: JCD on eating bugs article in ESL textbook, “Doug’s Bugs”
2:35:17Dr. Fauci on controlling Aedes aegypti, push for DDT reintroduction
2:42:56Shout-out from ACC for No Agenda Summaries; now Chinese porn
2:45:06Tech News: JCD at IMAX laser projector demo; ACC Apple Watch review, sales job by TtK’s daughter; Amsterdam Sheraton “server not found” vending machines; “smart” parking meters
3:07:19Rachel Ray audience wowed by “equal size” burgers; NPR reporter: “friction with the government” not occurring; KFC edible fingernail polish
3:11:09Turkish government chaos; Erdoğan’s son-in-law; journalist shot at before sentencing; dire predictions in event of Brexit; Red Book: multi-continent terrorist attack; Green Zone chaos
3:23:16David Muir 60 Minutes teaser: Russian Olympic athletes using banned drugs