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84 Jobs Justice and Climate (2009-03-29)

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0:00:32Nailed it, JCD “fall forward, spring back”; listeners unaccountably sick of clips
0:02:31Conrad-Grassley schtick: “oh, you are good”, “your wife said the same thing”; 24/7-ish features, Twitterfall, JCD on citizen journalism applied to obsolete newspaper/blog “stories” model, Curry-Winer dick-insane combo
0:11:25G20 protests, semi-autonomous City of London enclave, echoing JCD “Sarbanes-Oxley!”; Geoff Smith “nothing to see here” jingle; One World Trade Center; G20 plus two, “jobs, justice, and climate” protest, “rage against the banking machine”; Martin Niemöller “first they came for …”, IRS as weapon against bankers; JCD on summer jobs, Post Office “by the book” guy
0:26:05H.R.1388 GIVE Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act “mandatory volunteerism”, JCD: “don’t you think it’s weird that the first black president we have reinstitutes slavery?”, “I’ll betcha there’s gonna be armbands”, UK radio warnings to report CCTV-gawkers; JCD story: told not to take photos on Manhattan-to-JFK documentary jaunt
0:33:41ACC’s chat with Andrew Horowitz, public-private plan, 7 cents on the dollar toxic asset market, rats leaving sinking ship for new enterprises; show note categories
0:38:52And Now Back to Real News: “girl who can’t stand up” Fiona wins PETA sexiest vegetarian next door contest, JCD: “this woman’s got ribs coming out of her thighs!”
0:42:27White House virtual town hall, hypocritical Obama on marijuana legalization: “I don’t know what this says about the online audience”; another California DEA raid; vacuously-chuckling Robert Gibbs on political vs economic, “I’d point you to the Justice Department”, ACC: “oh, you mean the Justice Department that was raiding legal miracle medijauana…”; Gibbs “no comment” on Special Olympian bowling challenge; right-wing radio Obama moniker “giggles”
0:50:50EU elections & Lisbon Treaty, Czech Republic not all-in, government toppled; smart metering or else; election “how much labelling do we need?” postcards; throw out your old coffee maker; @MrsKutcher Demi Moore all-in on Earth Hour; ACC notes local electromagnetic anomaly
1:01:01US Airways 1549: Stephen Mallon photos showing minimal hull damage ordered taken down and not turned over to FAA by insurer AIG; FAA refusing to release bird strike information, double strike “act of God” for insurance purposes; JCD recommends PG Tips plus rooibos
1:06:55Geoff Smith “shadow puppet theater” jingle, AIG board member on White House tax reform task force; JCD on hyper-rich enclaves being ransacked by hungry mobs
1:09:11Donation Segment: $666.66
1:14:11Mimi researches Michele Bachmann, “I’m glad to see that you’re as rude with Adam as you are with the family”, listener note on “batshit crazy” Bachmann, “she nearly lost her seat to a guy named Tinklenberg”; ACC: “witchy” with hair down, radio interview on CO2 sources; JCD on backing from credit card companies; “raving lunatic” Olbermann, Rachel Maddow “conservative Republican by comparison”, Air America stint, obnoxious smirk, ACC: “she’s like the Joker”; opposition to global currency prompts HAARP activation against Minnesota and G20 protests, disappearing 9/11 Hurricane Erin, ACC: “it’s right next to goatse
1:26:43JCD’s music show The Dvorak Interlude on
1:30:05Gitmo Nation rundown: dead US Marshall in Mexican canal, Facebook/Myspace spy database, next Bilderberg Group meeting in Athens, ACTA snooping authority; 14-year-old girl arrested as child pornographer for semi-nude selfies, school no-touching rule; ACC’s interactive global hazard map, Pennsylvania epidemic
1:37:34Outro: JCD letter from listener on Federal Reserve bank ownership & bonuses