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852 Sorocracy (2016-08-18)

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0:00:00ACC: (radio voice) “Okay, we need some coffee over here tsssht” (0:03:46)
0:00:34Water in ACC’s apartment again; ARES activation for Louisiana flooding, ARRL note: “amateurs should not self-deploy to the affected area”, JCD: “no lone wolf hams”
0:06:09Green Party town hall: Chris Cuomo mispronounces attendee’s name, “I said it that way in rehearsal”, Stein: debate commission “silences public opposition”; state voting cybersecurity
0:15:02Soros “hack”, “Soros and USAID”, $130k for EU Observer, JCD: Soros sounds like James Bond villain, “when he says democracy he means Sorosocracy”, Hillary influence; Brexit investments
0:22:36Charles Ortel on Clinton Foundation’s “authorized tax-exempt purposes” archival facility only, “false and materially misleading public filings”, charities “perfect vehicles for fraud”; NGO for Haiti set up in 2009; $37.2M to Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund P.O. Box “bright-line mail fraud”
0:35:47Ortel explains Laureate university holding company, Sylvan Learning; JCD: Trump University name license; for-profit university chain, “gigantic Ponzi scheme”, JCD explains leveraged buyouts like Pearson, ACC recommends Barbarians at the Gate; Bill Clinton part-time chancellorship, subprime student loans; $4bn debt vs $400M net worth, SEC filing warning: “material weaknesses in its internal financial controls”, Clinton & Obama insiders
0:50:07CNN edits Sylville Smith’s sister’s “suburbs” rant down to “don’t bring the violence here”
0:55:27Trump delays Wisconsin speech to mess with MSNBC; “self-discredited Washington insider”, “says” /se͜ɪz/, “peaceful regime change in our own country”, “media-donor political complex”; NBC’s Greenblatt “slam”; Conway: “try not to say Donald Trump every other word”
1:05:00CBS hit piece on Paul Manafort working for Yanukovich, “mysterioius” ledger with $12.7M, “his name is being mentioned several times”, ledger “left behind” vs “handed over” cognitive dissonance; Pelosi warns about Russian disinformation; RT mocks Trump-Putin stories
1:14:37Producer Segment: producer note: millennial porn sex not just the men
1:33:21Dr. Drew “gravely concerned” about Hillary’s health care, “unconventional” Armour Thyroid & coumadin, on prism glasses: “that’s brain damage” (CotD); producer: coumadin and lupus
1:41:36Report on incidents of violence toward others linked to psychiatric drugs; network news drug & car ads, JCD on specialty magazines avoiding beginners; ACC’s well-packaged beer
1:48:08“Bye-bye!” for John McLaughlin; ACC’s October New York Audio summit appearance, Sparks meetup; NPR shutting down comments; UK Police to investigate “online hate crimes”
1:55:07National Anthem protocol from 36 U.S.C. §301, service flags and lapel pins
1:59:53RT on hillary’s four possible counts of perjury before Congress; ACC on GPGTools; German refugee housing contractor guillotine e-mail thread, “large-volume crematorium”, autocorrect blamed; Germany urging UK to hurry up on Article 50
2:08:25Anjem Choudary convicted of inspiring support for ISIS; service flags explained
2:10:29Biden’s condolences for Serbs vs “Serbs are illiterate degenerates”; Biden memorial highway
2:13:50Donation Segment: JCD to design ACC’s QSL cards; Knight when knighted
2:34:46NPR Assange interview by David Greene: “every cyber-expert who’s looked at this has said it’s Russia”, Greene asks for source five times, Assange: “remarkable and important contribution to US democracy”, “her supporters in the media and elsewhere are trying to distract”, $20k reward for info on Seth Rich, “we have a perfect record in protecting the identity of our sources”, JCD: “robbery gone bad” meme a lie, ACC: “they believe it was Russia!”
2:45:56CENTCOM whistleblowers reveal ISIS intelligence positive spin, “defensive crouch in Iraq”
2:50:32Pokémon Go players targeted by thieves in Berkeley