Call Clooney!

858 Bite Work (2016-09-08)

Show 858 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Nononononononononononononono!” (2:19:46)
0:00:33Frits Spits, master of the opening line
0:01:49Hillary’s “Cleveland cough”, blames Trump allergy, low pollen count, green lozenge goo in glass, JCD: “it’s how she reproduces”, Revelation 16:13 “three unclean spirits like frogs”; new campaign plane; YouTuber: “I’ve been attacking Hillary Clinton with magic”
0:16:49CNN “Essential Hillary/Trump” profiles, Hillary’s concussion ignored over commercial break, on 2008 meltdown “don’t tell anybody” she’s human; new e-mail excuse at Commander-in-Chief forum: “classified material has a header”, “this is verified in the report” lie, guest to Megyn Kelly: “the way it got there was that she and her staff took the headers off”
0:24:26New redacted aide theory: well-connected Ambassador to Jordan Alice Wells
0:26:54Hillary “just respectfully” or “disrespectfully”, small apparent earpiece, 2009 Wikileaks “did you take your earpiece” e-mail from Huma; “we came, we saw, he died” e-mail from Blumenthal
0:33:07Trump walks into NBC trap on military rape, Matt Lauer quotes “what did these geniuses expect putting men and women together”; Women in Need CEO Christine Quinn gets her own CNN eye-rolling box, interrupts Mike Rogers with male privilege accusation, Pooper gives her last word; Lawrence O’Donnell: “luckily MSNBC’s lies… live coverage will continue”
0:44:15Trump to O’Reilly: “let her release her e-mails, and I’ll release my tax returns immediately”
0:45:49Gary Johnson’s “gaffe of the century”: “and what is Aleppo?”; Assange: teasers coming
0:50:55Finance Minister Luis Videgaray fired after G20 statement on US reducing demand for drugs
0:55:39Gayane Chichakyan on Clinton “turtle theory” for Russian election meddling, Uranium One Clinton Foundation donation and subsequent sale to Russia; Chaka Khan and sister in rehab
0:59:41Producer Segment: Buffet’s Clayton Homes and Intuit in Detroit; Hillary call CXP881
1:16:49UT vs Notre Dame post-game chaos thanks to Über-Lyft ouster, ACC: “it was a disaster
1:19:44Dakota Access Pipeline protest by Native Americans American Indians, Amy Goodman on location, pepper spray and dogs, trainer Jonni Joyce: “what it looked like was a bunch of alligators at the end of leashes”, “bite work” explained, no Ohio licenses for security work
1:29:00Martin Kaplan & Norman Lear Center media influence revisited
1:33:24Oliver Stone on Snowden film and Pentagon sanitization, “CIA has taken over Hollywood”
1:38:07Tim Kaine “phantom sanctuary cities” debunked by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, police “don’t ask” immigration status vs “don’t tell” ICE, counties in fear of ACLU lawsuits
1:43:22Rodrigo Duterte calls Obama “son of a whore”, subsequent apology; Hillary call EAL3003
1:51:32Menwith Hill GCHQ facility a US drone base, ACC: “wow, look at all those golf balls!”, GCHQ “strict legal frameworks”, 2012 protests, ACC on Guilford covert satellite center; JCD: Snowden seeking extraction; Theresa May on Brexit: “we could have a second referendum”
2:04:55“Up Front” with podcast networks and advertisers, Marc Maron the rule follower
2:07:05Donation Segment
2:15:12David Brooks: no Trump wall, JCD: “I think he may not do anything else but build the wall”
2:19:59Tech News: Apple event; CVC’s WWWE “Monday Night Buttslam” data overage; crappy iFixit replacement screen; ACC: “I really wanna have a transmitter on both sides of my head”
2:30:22Black Lives Matter “climate change impact” protest on London City Airport runway
2:33:25David L. Phillips on fighting in Jarabulus Syria, ISIS donning FSA uniforms, Rojava
2:41:54The Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel on Hillary’s “new McCarthyism” on Russia
2:43:22ABC on FDA ban on antibacterial soap agents that “may actually do harm”