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867 Wordy Durd (2016-10-09)

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0:00:00ACC: “The straightest, cis-est, whitest person you can find!” (2:55:40)
0:00:38Columbus Day vs Indigenous Peoples’ Day; ACC & TtK in E 58th Street Airbnb; early start at academic conferences; Photoshopped Airbnb picture; the Napster era of social media, sharing innovation ruined by Silicon Valley and government, ACC pervy Dutch hitchhiking experience
0:12:09ACC’s experiences at the Newhouse School Radio and Audio Summit; November audio release
0:26:15Jarl Mohn story on taking almost a month to transition to “NPR news live”, mentions ACC four times in presentation, “Legislative Dish”, value for value and numerology, $1bn foundation
0:36:52Army Chief of Staff Milley: “we will beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before”; Stephen Cohen: “new and much more dangerous Cold War with Russia” on three fronts; Josh Earnest refuses to “take any options off the table”; JCD on Weekly Standard’s poor editing; RT on US mistakes and failures, “it is as if all the talk of peace has been forgotten”
0:48:53Assad Danish TV interview: targeting hospitals would give militants “social incubator”; Kerry invokes war crimes, US drone strike kills 15 civilians, ACC: “that’s not a war crime, that’s calculus”; Assad compares “moderate rebels” to unicorns, US activities “illegal”, embargo effects, troubles started with Qatar, constitution-mandated “mission” to retake country
1:04:12Producer Segment: spreadsheet borked up’s May Boeve on Hurricane Matthew: “unequivocal reason to know that these kinds of storms are made worse by climate change”; Horowitz reports no storm surge in Fort Lauderdale; Shep Smith: “this storm will kill you”, “there’s a wordy durd in there”; Dominican Republic ignored when Haiti gets hit; Haitian ambassador: let’s avoid another relief “disaster”; Hurricane Sandy election “coincidence”, 1952 Disney weather manipulation program
1:18:48New WikiLeaks transcripts conveniently interrupted by Pussygate, Obama “ribs and pussy”, PBS backgrounder, three Jane Doe rape cases against Trump; Tim Kaine: “it makes me sick to the stomach”, De Niro: “I’d like to punch him in the face”; “Bill Clinton is a rapist” meme
1:33:21State senator’s 15-year-old daughter Brennan Leach asks Hillary body image question, Michael Smerconish: “are you an actress?”, Hillary-bot cadence, Dana Loesch: “when I was Brennan’s age … I was learning all about oral sex from Hillary Clinton’s husband” (CotD)(TCS)
1:43:38Trump Playboy “scandal”, vague Dakota Access Pipeline ties; dropping out of race meme back; Clinton Foundation’s new four-star rating; “sexual assault” meme; Ana Navarro: “don’t tell me you’re offended when I say pussy but you’re not offended when Donald Trump says it!”
1:59:51Podesta e-mails: “open border policy”, Fox News: Sanders supporters “bucket of losers”; administration “public shaming statement” for Russia; JCD: smokescreen for Democratic vote rigging; Comey reveals voter registration “scanning activities”, CNN cyber sound effects
2:15:27Cheryl Mills & Heather Samuelson immunity deal, laptops with classified information as government property, destruction despite outstanding FOIA lawsuits and congressional investigations; Gen. Smedley Butler “gangster for capitalism” reading
2:22:09Advertisers dropping Glenn Beck due to Media Matters intervention
2:27:35Donation Segment: TtK meets Tomi Lahren
2:33:28Ezekiel Emanuel squabbles with Fox News over Obamacare horror stories, “risk corridors”
2:41:56EU tells British press not to identify terrorists as Muslims, Mo Ansar: media “beholden to racist interest”; CAIR accuses Southwest of racial profiling; Canadian Bill C-16 to protect gender identity; University of Toronto pronoun demonstrator: “a transmasculine person … talking to transphobes is never safe” (CotD), LGBTQ+, “straightest, cis-est, whitest”