Call Clooney!

908 Microbeads (2017-03-02)

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0:00:00ACC: “Or his Twitter feed!” (0:26:42)
0:00:35Mimi convinced Academy Awards were rigged, Jimmy Kimmel on bogus La La Land best picture, Sammy Davis Jr. 1964 best score mix-up, “wait until the NAACP hears about this”; Chinese “socialist values” list and Hollywood, re-editing for Hitler; alternate universe theories
0:15:35Trump speech to Congress: Chris Matthews on “blaming generals” for Ryan Owens’ death; Van Jones “he became President of the United States in that moment, period”; stoned Noodle Boy C-SPAN caller; Don Lemon: “big words and big phrases”, written by “college student”
0:25:54MSNBC play-by-play zooming in on Trump in limo practicing speech, Brian Williams: “they just haven’t been around the machinery of media, the mechanics of the South Lawn … long enough”, Trump & Reagan SAG membership; speech time comparisons
0:30:12Trump on hiring freeze, Democrats stone-faced on lobbying ban, “racis’” white clothing; “Lockheed” creating “new American jobs”, Pelosi zoom-in; CBS “fact-checks” 95M unemployment figure; proposed defense increase not enough for McCain; 39% approval rating; Secret Agent Paul’s Love Trumps Hate song with John Fletcher
0:44:01Rosie O’Donnell at White House protest, “nyet, sir, niyet!”, “share a Souvlaki” with Soros; ACC story: getting O’Donnell started on VH-1; Kathy Griffin on Agnew resignation; Rob Reiner: “if I were Pence I’d be leakin’ like a sieve!”; Oprah asked about presidential run; Ben Stein on media “slamming, slamming, slamming”; Steve Beshear: “I’m a proud Democrat, but first and foremost I’m a proud Republican, and Democrat, and mostly American”
1:01:02Producer Segment
1:11:22The Guardian blames internet porn for rise of Donald Trump
1:13:03Irish MP asks Theresa May about Brexit “soft coup”; House of Lords allows 3M EU nationals to remain in Great Britain; May on microbead ban: “I am not in a position to know whether or not you took a shower this morning”; Marine Le Pen loses EU parliamentary immunity for tweeting “graphic” ISIS photos; François Fillon financial scandal
1:29:34Nigel Farage on EU preventing war between France & Germany; giving up news for Lent
1:32:13JCD on French Laundry one-star Yelp review; Berkeley Bowl review from weepy snowflake; Large Hadron Collider parallel universe experiment
1:37:19Chinese all-in on Ivanka Trump branding; outrage over Kellyanne Conway sitting on her heels
1:44:47Tulsi Gabbard on arming terrorists in Syria; Bill Pascrell proposes Ways and Means Committee go after Trump taxes; Pablo Escobar’s son reveals father worked for CIA; Obama $65M book deal, JCD story: Pearson computer book royalty dodge; Valerie Jarrett to live with Obamas
2:00:24The Detour: “podcasts are verbal narcissism for ugly journalists”
2:03:25Donation Segment
2:09:53JCD on Snowden’s glasses not needing nose pad; twelve arrested in Pedobear sting; Vatican sex abuse advisor Marie Collins resigns; JCD recommends Spotlight film; Beau Biden’s widow in affair with brother Hunter
2:16:51CBS on Putin’s “conquest in Ukraine”, Estonian militia, US tanks; Trump and UFOs; KQED on total eclipse of the sun only in US; scientific reproducibility crisis
2:27:18Self-serving moral outrage; JCD’s “preemptive blocking”
2:29:51South Africa grabbing white farmers’ land; Israel denies Human Rights Watch work permit
2:33:32Steve Bannon on “deconstruction of the administrative state”; Nixon and school vouchers
2:42:06Army worm outbreak in Congo triples corn price