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909 Virtue Signalling (2017-03-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “Look, I’m, I’m also with you!
0:00:37Rain just in time for SxSW, 50 bands opting out over 2013 ICE clause in contract; ACC on Australia paperwork; JCD’s White House bugging prediction
0:06:02Dick Morris: Obama “leading an attempt at a coup d’├ętat”, confirmation hearing ambushes, Whitewater became Monica Lewinsky under special prosecutor; Jeff Session’s meeting with Russian ambassador set up by Democrats, “he should resign” montage; Angus King “group of Russian paratroopers” analogy; Jeff Sessions & Carter Page meeting Kislyak; Steve “Banyan”
0:27:43Michael Mukasey on Logan Act not prosecuted since 1793, Erin Burnett: “that would be treason, right?”; ABC trickery drops travel ban into story, Cecilia Vega: “it may be difficult to find and vet the so-called radical Islamic terrorists”; ABC trots out Brian Ross, “but they have” after Kislyak denial, “FBI and Congressional investigations”, WikiLeaks timeline
0:42:53Louise Mensch Heat Street article on FISA requests; FISA timeline; White House insider Cathy Areu raises question to Guilfoyle of who secured warrant; CNN to campaign official Robert Wasinger: meetings would “run afoul of rules and tradition”, Wasinger cites 1996 Clinton-Gore Chinese fundraising; Noah Rothman on effort to “rehabilitate” Obama administration
0:58:03CBS “offered no evidence” meme for wiretaps, “explosive allegation”; Trump’s “mountains of paper” on desk, W.C. Fields The Bank Dick; Twitter timeline; Nein Nein Nein Niyet jingle
1:03:08Producer Segment: Netflix design documentary Abstract; Congressional sponsor wall
1:27:19Lawrence O’Donnell on Goldwater Rule vs “duty to warn”, 26k signatures on online petition, 25th Amendment, psychologist John Gartner: “we could not create a leader more dangerously mentally ill than Donald Trump”, psychiatric interviews vs behavior
1:35:08Patrick Stewart applying for US citizenship, “fight, fight, oppose, oppose”; producer explains “virtue signalling”; popularization of MP3 format by RIAA lawsuits; Hillary Rosen reacts to video of old white guy bitching about illegal immigrants: “divider-in chief”; Kazaa & Joost
1:49:14Jewish former Breitbart editor Joel Pollock: anti-Semitism “fake news”, “rising tide of anti-Semitism” over Israel, Joy Behar: “you can still be an anti-Semite and have Jewish relatives”, Breitbart “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy”, Trump’s skillful media manipulation; left-wing black journalist Juan Thompson arrested by FBI for Jewish center bomb threats, stalking ex-girlfriend, “created a Twitter account” bullcrap; ACC BSD flub
2:05:14Homeschoolers’ opposition to school vouchers “federal money means federal control” theory
2:12:20iHeartMedia’s $20.5bn debt
2:14:38Donation Segment
2:23:19Robinhood all-in on Snapchat IPO, “ripping off the kids”; RT Nigel Farage knighting, “my mummy says you hate foreigners”; Mike Pence’s hacked AOL account, staged Hillary photo
2:31:41Carjacking victim advised by 911 dispatcher “I wouldn’t touch it” of gun on passenger seat
2:34:33Saudi Arabia’s $1M McCain Institute donation, “c’mon, there’s no connection there” of Clintons, established with leftover presidential campaign money
2:38:17California illegal immigrant safe houses, guy with Lucifer voice draws parallel with Jews in Germany; Juan Thompson #noborder; EU resolution to require Americans to have visa; 430 illegal US-Canada border crossings; IMF Ukraine bailout, infrastructure privatization
2:48:11White Helmets saving “Russian air strike” victims, RT on NYC anti-White Helmets protest
2:54:28Sweden reinstates draft “just in case” because Putin; new wave of air strikes in Yemen
2:57:24Maxine Waters jaw-dropper: “I was a millennial once”; Attenborough’s Planet Earth II