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971 MADCOM (2017-10-08)

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0:00:00ACC: (1:43:48)
0:00:37San Francisco Fleet Week with Blue Angels; ACC’s U-verse craps out due to overheating
0:05:47Media celebrating one-year Pussygate anniversary, UltraViolet group on National Mall; distraction from Harvey Weinstein, ABC “buttslam”, Weinstein press release on 1960s culture, advice from Lisa Bloom, going after Trump & NRA; profile picture with Hillary Clinton
0:16:11Deconstruction of disproportionate number of black men killed by white cops; Megyn Kelly’s lackluster new show takes on Weinstein, masturbating into potted plant in restaurant kitchen
0:25:42Las Vegas shooting: Steve Pieczenik asserts false flag and no deaths; bump stocks unavailable in face of legislation, JCD on stockless bump firing; Phoenix man goes viral handing over guns to police; former CIA Robert David Steele to Max Keiser on terrorist false flag, restraining orders against FBI informants; CNN non-family-member reminiscence compilation
0:34:06JCD arms deal gone wrong theory, ACC on lack of shell casings; MIA “hero” security guard Jesus Campos and “door alarm”, no portable radio, timeline absurdities; CBS on Tannerite in car, “he was up” at casino; ACC on Dutch arms dealer trying to sell him MD-900
0:45:04MIA video footage à la Pentagon 9/11; NBC speculates about Lollapalooza plot, Paddock lying in bed yelling “oh my god!”; Valium use, ACC: “my first thought was Chantix”; Fox Business on autism spectrum and video poker, “he even wears gloves supposedly when he’s driving”, Aurora and Sandy Hook; ACC on “war on crazy” background check expansion
1:02:24ABC on cryptic hotel room note, $5M gambling income; proposed domestic terrorism law
1:12:59Producer Segment: UNLV professor blames Trump for shooting: “others are going to die”
1:24:17Bullock Texas State History Museum IMAX theater, ACC pans Blade Runner 2049
1:30:23Mike Pence announces relaunch of National Space Council
1:32:43Friday update from Senate Intelligence Committee on Russia collusion, no mention of collusion, upcoming election, “we don’t release documents provided to our committee, period”
1:42:00Richard Burr: “the committee has hit a wall” on Steele dossier, “I can compel you to come, I can’t compel you to talk”; JCD: Google will send useless stooge; Burr on “indiscriminate” ads not favoring either candidate; Trump “e-mail messages, text messages, phone records”
1:55:31Amy Klobuchar to NPR on new legislation on registration of “paid political advertising”, naive Intelligence Committee duped by Silicon Valley snake oil; Atlantic Council brochure danger of MADCOM Machine Driven Communications
2:04:44CBC tech millennial algo-explaining “right?”-fest, “algorithms basically complex systems of code, right?”, “the reason they use these algorithms right, is because there’s just so much on the internet, right?”, “oftentimes they can be wrong, right?”
2:12:46Donation Segment
2:20:39Illuminati Web Summit in Portugal, celebrity attendees Caitlyn Jenner and Terrell Owens
2:24:33Convicted felon accidentally released from jail for a week; Charlie Rose on clear-air turbulence that “because of climate change, could get worse”; Whoopi “as many of the things as we can stick in here” and “can this bitch run the country?” isos; “professional tiny livers” promo
2:28:41Economy loses 33k jobs in September, unemployment at new low; Western Union 33 code
2:33:21Australian gun amnesty ends, JCD gripes about firearms not refurbished for police; CBS on A Girl and a Gun group with AR-15s; realtime money transfers between banks coming soon, JCD: “an EMP, you’re broke”; ACC proposes Etherium derivative for infrastructure
2:44:19Trial of Benghazi suspect Ahmed Abu Khattala begins