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973 Exit on the Floor (2017-10-15)

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0:00:00ACC: “I’m looking at this here brain, what do you think?” (2:25:15)
0:00:35Verlander “pitching on fumes”; TtK family visiting from Chicago
0:02:35“Hurricane” Harvey Weinstein, Jane Fonda to Amanpour: Trump elected even when outed as “abuser”; Hollywood thanking Harvey compilation; ABC 20/20 on “cultural climate change” and Pussygate; model Angie Everhart “exited on the floor” story, “that’s just Harvey” response; Tomi-Ann Roberts to Democracy Now on 1984 Weinstein bathtub encounter
0:18:08Potential Harvey-Bob Weinstein lawsuit; ACC on “Fappening” Hollywood mogul phone theory, JCD on preventing Hillary from running theory, Hillary to BBC: “shocked and appalled”, “sexual assaulter in the Oval Office” needle, Bill Clinton accusations “clearly in the past”; Amazon Studios head Roy Price suspend over sexual harassment and ignoring rape claim
0:25:31Producer note on “epic creeper” Weinstein at party; Fonda on “male entitlement”, “I only met Harvey when I was old”; Terry Crews PTSD claim; Fonda: “not all men are predators”; Fonda on being propositioned by French director; JCD story: NYC bar scene outrageous pickup lines
0:43:15NPR On Point Trump-hating rundown; George Lopez booed off stage after barrage of anti-Trump jokes, Mimi on tiresome comedy trope; mental health workers march for Trump ouster
0:49:24Geraldo Rivera on “dishonest press” for Trump’s Puerto Rico visit, dysfunction and corruption
0:51:51DHS nominee probable spook Kirstjen Nielsen; Sessions in media abuse rotation; Russian Pokemon Go campaign; CBS on Iran’s reaction to deal decertification, “death to America” chant a “stale ritual” but “that could certainly change”, JCD theory on military intelligence all-in on Saudi-Iranian war; buzzer for Trump “highest obligation”; Qatar advertising
1:05:00Producer Segment: Home Depot videos teaching millennials to do basic shop work
1:12:53Hepatitis outbreak attributable to plastic bag bans leaving homeless nothing to poop in
1:15:20Belgian pommes frites under EU scrutiny over acrylamide, covered on Show 940, potato color scale “paint chips”, JCD not all-in on double-frying, recommends German butterball potato; Catalan “Spexit” potential “chain reaction”; ACC on patat oorlog “french fry war” toppings
1:27:47“Peak oil” in terms of shrinking demand, “the Stone Age didn’t end because of lack of stones”, solar “Moore’s law” meme; ACC questions cost-to-power ratio
1:36:51California fires and “earthquake weather”, JCD all-in on ABC’s Linzie Janis, family sheltering in neighbor’s pool; anomaly of mail delivery to houseless mailboxes; Trump not yet blamed
1:46:38Toronto school board excising “chief” from position titles, proposed “prime” replacement
1:52:56Aldi Süd & Nord counterparts of US Aldi & Trader Joe’s; ACC’s image conversion request
1:59:10Donation Segment
2:07:10Clark County Sheriff Lombardo on 21:59 timestamp, police searching for “concert tickets”; producer note on Paddock locked away from arsenal, police clearing floors one by one; FBI stooge nodding at Lombardo “narrative”, “I don’t want my comments to be construed or changed”, defensiveness over “integrity”, “fifty-eight may raise”, “sometimes people meet their demise outside of our control”, fuel tank “narrative”, hotel room registration change, Paddock’s brain shipped out to look for CTE, “there is no conspiracy”, kudos for Sgt. Gregory Everett
2:29:03ACC on rounds “cooking off” in hot chamber; Lombardo instructs journalists to cover officer Brady Cook, “it is readily apparent to me” Paddock targeted police; Chantix theory
2:36:32ACC plays Cuban embassy sonic weapon; ESPN “two miles away on the Richter scale” ad
2:39:25Dow Jones fake “Google to buy Apple” headline; Boy Scouts to accept girls, NYT all-in on converse; John Kelly: controlling Trump not my job; tech millennial “right?” revisited