Call Clooney!

98 Health Code Violation (2009-05-17)

Show 98 album art
0:00:38ACC’s big reveal postponed
0:01:37And Now Back to Real News: JCD on Costco wine “Easter eggs”, French raw milk cheese, Greek feta with no English on label
0:06:23Eurovision Song Contest final babe-fest, ACC on high Russian production values, “even the songs weren’t that bad”, winning song Fairytale from Norway, host Graham Norton’s “it’s a stripper in a hamster wheel”, JCD on “Russian TV”; Chinese producer calls bullcrap on zodiac swine flu theory; ACC all-in on Dvorak Interlude #5, Free Bird finale, outtake version without fade-out; Michael Butler’s “I like my women like I like my coffee: dumb”
0:23:45Lame ad, JCD: “these guys are toast”, no Obama armbands due to trademark; producer note on coca importer Stepan Company and New Trier High School campus, JCD on coca leaves in Andes: “it’s like chewing on lawn clippings”
0:30:53Boy Scouts training to fight terrorism and illegal immigration, JCD: “they look like a bunch of boneheads”; producer note clarifying Baghdad stress clinic shooting details
0:36:07Tamil Tigers throw in the towel, China arms sales and access to key Sri Lankan port, Tamil protests in UK
0:40:36Michelle Obama to give commencement speech at UC Merced; Dutch government to pay salaries of 60 journalists, 1984 Ministry of Truth; Geoff Smith promises more jingles; WolframAlpha released, Neelie Smit-Kroes fines Intel $1.4bn, Sarbanes-Oxley jingle
0:51:57Germany denies patent to Saudi “killer chip” with GPS & cyanide for “terrorists, criminals, fugitives, illegal immigrants, political dissidents, domestic servants and foreigners overstaying their visas”; JCD on cyanide metabolism, almond smell, No Agenda health tip: don’t eat too many apple seeds
0:59:53Sous-vide and Gordon Ramsey prepackaged food scandal and Fat Duck food poisoning incident, “billionaire dude” Nathan Myhrvold’s experiments, JCD on the danger of cooking salmon at 102°, “you’re asking for the botulism bacteria, if nothing else, to propagate like a maniac and make you sick”
1:11:20CDC: half of 100k flu cases in US are swine flu; CVC’s boyfriend’s UK passport with huge RFID chip antenna; Australian scientist Adrian Gibbs: swine flu development in laboratory
1:15:20Donation Segment: donation dice
1:18:07Outro: possible Wednesday night show, ACC’s June in San Francisco